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TLDV: AI Meetings Note Taker


TLDV is an AI tool designed to capture and summarize meeting conversations. It automatically records, transcribes, and provides insights from your meetings on platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams. This tool aims to streamline your meeting process, allowing you to focus more on the discussion and less on taking notes.

Features & Benefits

  • Automatic Recording & Transcription: Works with Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams to record meetings and transcribe them in 30+ languages.
  • Key Moment Summarization: Identifies and summarizes important parts of the conversation with a simple click or shortcut.
  • Video Clip Creation: Allows for easy editing and sharing of specific call moments or feedback.
  • Keyword Search: Enables searching for discussed topics using keywords to find and summarize relevant discussions.
  • Extensive Integrations: Seamlessly connects with over 5000 productivity tools and CRMs like Salesforce, Slack, HubSpot, and Notion, facilitating automated workflows.

TLDV Platforms

  • Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, web app

TLDV Tasks

  • Record and transcribe meetings
  • Summarize key meeting moments
  • Create video clips from recordings
  • Search call moments with keywords
  • Integrate with productivity tools and CRMs

TLDV Integrations

  • Salesforce
  • Slack
  • Hubspot
  • Zoom
  • Google Meet
  • Zoho
  • Greenhouse
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Trello
  • Notion
  • Salesloft
  • Jira
  • Miro
  • Clickup
  • and many more

Real-world applications

Imagine having an AI assistant in your meetings that not only listens but also understands the essence of the conversation. TLDV makes this a reality by taking meticulous notes, summarizing key points, and even creating shareable clips from your discussions. Whether you’re scaling onboarding processes, sharing insights across teams, or keeping a repository of user interviews, TLDV ensures you don’t miss a beat. It’s like having a dedicated secretary, but one that’s never tired, always accurate, and can speak over 30 languages. As a humorous suggestion, use TLDV to catch up on the meetings you snoozed through – just don’t tell your boss!

Who is TLDV for

  • Small teams & individuals
  • Businesses aiming to improve transparency and collaboration
  • Teams working across time zones
  • Organizations looking to scale their onboarding and training processes
  • Anyone interested in enhancing meeting productivity

Pricing & Discount

Free$0/moUnlimited recordings & transcripts, 20+ languages, AI summarize, integrations
Pro$25/mo or $20/mo billed annuallyAll Free features, plus automated notes & tags, unlimited integrations, and more

TLDV Free version



  • The free version has limitations on languages and integrations compared to the Pro version.
  • Audio and video upload features are exclusive to the Pro plan.


  • Data privacy and security are crucial given the sensitive nature of meeting content.
  • Compatibility with all types of meeting platforms and devices.
  • Cost effectiveness for larger teams or enterprises needing multiple Pro accounts.
  • Learning curve and usability for non-technical users.

Potential Future Developments

Adding real-time translation features could enhance the tool’s utility for international teams. Improvements in AI accuracy for technical or industry-specific terminology could also be beneficial, ensuring that summaries and transcriptions are as precise as possible for all users.

Unlock the full potential of your meetings with TLDV, the AI meeting note taker that transcribes, summarizes, and generates insights effortlessly.

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