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Sourcely: Credible AI Sources


Sourcely is a tool designed to enhance your research experience. It allows you to paste an essay and automatically find, summarize, and add credible sources to it. Unlike traditional search methods, Sourcely provides a more efficient way to gather and cite reliable information, making it a unique asset for students, researchers, and writers.

Features & Benefits

  • Paste Your Essay: Input your text, and Sourcely will analyze it to identify relevant sources.
  • Find Sources: Automatically locates suitable sources for your topic.
  • Get Credible Summaries: Offers summaries of source material for a quicker understanding.
  • Free PDF Downloads: Enables free downloading of PDFs for many listed sources.
  • Export References: Allows for the exporting of references in various formats, simplifying citation.
  • Advanced Filters: Apply filters like publication year, authorship, and relevance for targeted results.

Sourcely Platforms

  • Web app

Sourcely Tasks

  • Automatically find relevant sources.
  • Summarize source materials.
  • Export references in multiple formats.
  • Apply advanced filters for source discovery.

Sourcely Integrations

  • n/a

Real-world applications

Imagine you’re up late, coffee in hand, trying to finish a research paper due tomorrow. You’re stuck trying to find credible sources to back up your arguments. Enter Sourcely. In just a few clicks, you’ve pasted your draft, and the AI research tool is already suggesting reliable references, complete with summaries and the option to download full texts. You export your references, perfectly formatted, saving hours of tedious work.

Or, picture a busy academic juggling multiple projects, seeking to enhance their paper with authoritative sources. Sourcely streamlines their workflow, ensuring they have access to relevant, credible information, leaving more time for analysis and less for source hunting.

What about conpiracies? Consider a conspiracy theorist aiming to lend credibility to their wild claims. They turn to Sourcely, only to find themselves inundated with reputable sources that gently guide them back to reality.

Who is Sourcely for

  • Students
  • Researchers
  • Writers
  • Academics

Pricing & Discount

FREE$0Up to 300 characters, Assured credibility sources
PRO$9/mo or $87/yrGenerate summaries, PDF downloads, Search millions of sources, Advanced filters

Sourcely Free version – Available


  • Free version limits input to 300 characters.
  • Full features require a PRO subscription.


  • Data privacy regarding uploaded essays.
  • Compatibility with various document formats.
  • The learning curve for advanced filters.
  • The cost may be a barrier for some users.

Potential Future Developments

  • Integration with academic databases for broader source access.
  • Collaboration tools for group projects.
  • Language translation features for international sources.

Unlock the full potential of your research with AI. Whether you’re racing against a deadline or deep-diving into academic work, Sourcely offers a streamlined, efficient approach to sourcing credible information. Try it now and transform your research process.

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