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Quickads: AI Ad Generator


Quickads is an AI-driven ad generator designed to simplify the process of creating and managing ad content for various social media platforms, including Facebook. It uses AI to quickly find winning trends and bulk create on-brand videos and image ads, helping users save time and boost sales.

Features & Benefits

  • Extensive Ad Library: Access over 5 million ads from platforms like TikTok and Meta, searchable by format, country, theme, and use case.
  • AI-Powered Insights: Analyze and score ads on likely performance, tag them with relevant themes, and generate similar ad scripts.
  • Effortless Ad Creation: Create multiple ad variations with brand-specific aesthetics and language. Run A/B tests to identify top-performing creatives.
  • Video GPT Feature: Create engaging videos from ideation to production, sourcing royalty-free footage and matching audio.
  • Virtual Photoshoots: Generate professional-quality product images without traditional photoshoot hassles.
  • Unified Ad and Social Media Management: Schedule social media posts and publish ads directly into accounts from a centralized hub.
  • AI-Powered Optimization: Automatically create optimized ad content, copy, graphics, and audience targeting for the latest algorithms.
  • Cross-Platform Consistency: Launch campaigns seamlessly across all platforms from one place, maintaining consistency.

Quickads Platforms

Web app

Quickads Tasks

  • Generate image ads
  • Generate video ads
  • Schedule and publish ads
  • Analyze ad performance
  • Create A/B test variations

Quickads Integrations

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Google Ads
  • TikTok
  • LinkedIn

Real-World Applications

Quickads helps startups, small businesses, marketing agencies, and e-commerce companies elevate their digital marketing efforts effortlessly.

For startups, Quickads allows quick ad creation and testing to find winning combinations, making their product stand out. Small and medium enterprises can grow with on-brand, personalized ads that free up marketing teams to focus on other aspects of the business. Marketing agencies can serve more clients and manage multiple brands using a single platform, delivering exceptional results. E-commerce sellers benefit from faster campaign launches, improving CTRs and ROIs during key sales periods like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Picture this: An e-commerce seller preparing for a major holiday sale. With the AI ad generator, they quickly create multiple ad variations, test them, and find the best-performing ones. The AI-powered insights ensure these ads are perfectly tailored to their audience, resulting in a successful campaign with increased sales and engagement.

Who is Quickads for

  • Startups
  • Small & Medium Enterprises
  • Marketing Agencies
  • E-commerce sellers

Pricing & Discount

Startups$19/moSuitable for startups with small budgets.
Small Business$39/moIdeal for small & medium businesses and e-commerce brands.
Pro Agency$99/moPerfect for digital agencies serving multiple clients.

Quickads Free Version

Not available


  • The AI tool offers customization options for templates.


  • Data privacy and security: Users need assurance that their data is protected.
  • Usability: The learning curve for new users might be steep.
  • Compatibility: Limited to supported platforms and integrations.

Potential Future Developments

  • Integration with more social media platforms.
  • Enhanced customization options for ad templates.
  • Improved user interface for easier navigation.
  • Advanced analytics features for deeper insights into ad performance.

Transform your ad creation process with Quickads and achieve better results with less effort.

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