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Prototyper: AI-Powered UI Design Tool


Prototyper is an AI-powered tool that allows users to create and iterate on user interfaces (UIs) quickly by describing them in plain text. It uses natural language processing (NLP) to transform these descriptions into functional UIs, which can be refined and tested in real-time.

Features & Benefits

  • Natural Language Interface: Describe the UI you want, and Prototyper will generate it using AI.
  • Real-time Testing and Iteration: Make changes and see results immediately.
  • Collaboration: Share designs with team members for feedback and joint editing.
  • Framework Selection: Generate code in React and Tailwind, React and Inline CSS, or HTML and Tailwind.
  • Publishing: Directly publish your applications to the web.
  • Workspaces: Manage multiple teams and projects in one place.
  • Code Export: Export code directly into your production environment.

Prototyper Platforms

Web app

Prototyper Tasks

  • Generate UIs from text descriptions
  • Create and manage landing pages
  • Build and manage custom components
  • Test and refine interfaces
  • Share prototypes for feedback
  • Publish applications to the web
  • Export and integrate code into various frameworks

Prototyper Integrations

  • Custom design systems
  • React components
  • Direct integration with production environments

Real-world applications

Prototyper is beneficial for various scenarios. Design teams can quickly prototype and iterate on UI concepts, speeding up the development cycle. Startups can use Prototyper to develop and test their product interfaces before moving to full-scale development. Educators might use it to teach UI design principles interactively. Product managers can rapidly create and refine interfaces to ensure they meet user needs. Imagine creating a custom cookie panel or a pricing table for your website just by describing it, saving hours of manual coding.

And for fun, imagine using Prototyper to design an interactive UI for a fictional space mission control center, perfect for your sci-fi fan club meetings!

Who is Prototyper for

  • Design teams
  • Startups
  • Educators
  • Product managers

Pricing & Discount

BasicUnlimited generations, full code access, private generations, shared workspace$30/monthly
ProEverything in Basic, plus custom themes, extra components, high-quality generations, vision generations$60/monthly

Prototyper Free version

Not available


  • The AI tool only supports specific frameworks (React, Tailwind, Inline CSS).
  • Requires a learning curve to effectively use the natural language interface.
  • Limited to web app usage; no mobile or desktop versions.


  • Data privacy: Ensuring secure handling of user data.
  • Usability: Initial learning curve for non-technical users.
  • Compatibility: Limited to supported frameworks.
  • Cost: Subscription fees may be high for small teams or individual users.
  • Learning curve: Adapting to the natural language interface can take time.

Potential Future Developments

  • Adding support for more frameworks such as Vue.js or Angular.
  • Developing mobile and desktop versions for broader accessibility.
  • Enhanced integration options with popular design tools like Figma or Sketch.
  • Introducing more customizable themes and components for greater flexibility.

Start creating UIs effortlessly with Prototyper. Describe your design ideas and see them come to life with AI.

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