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Podmob: Podcast Recap and Intelligence Platform

Podmob podcast summaries AI straigh to your inbox

Podmob offers a streamlined approach for podcast enthusiasts, delivering episode recaps and insights directly to your email. This platform provides a unique way to stay connected with your favorite podcasts, ensuring you never miss key content.


Podmob is primarily a web-based platform designed to keep you connected with your favorite podcasts. It sends recaps and insights from every podcast episode you follow directly to your inbox. This service is especially handy for those who wish to stay abreast of various podcasts but may not have the time to listen to every episode in its entirety.

Features & Benefits

  • Podcast Follows: Subscribe to any podcast and receive recaps in your inbox for every new episode.
  • Custom RSS Feed: Integration with your preferred podcast player via a custom RSS feed, enabling you to listen to recaps anywhere.
  • AI Chat: An AI assistant offers personalized summaries, insights, and answers to your questions about any podcast recap.

Podmob Tasks

  • Sending recaps of new podcast episodes via email
  • Providing a custom RSS feed for recap listening
  • Offering AI-powered insights and summaries for each podcast recap

Podmob Integrations

  • Custom RSS feeds compatible with various podcast players

Real-world applications

Podmob is versatile and can benefit various industries and professions. For instance:

  • Educators and Students can stay updated with educational podcasts, helping in research or classroom discussions.
  • Business Professionals can follow industry-related podcasts for the latest trends and insights.
  • Fitness Enthusiasts can receive updates from health and wellness podcasts.
  • Entertainment Fans can keep up with podcasts about movies, TV shows, and celebrity news.
  • Technology Aficionados can follow tech podcasts for the latest updates in the tech world.
  • Travel Enthusiasts can enjoy travel podcasts’ recaps for tips and stories.
  • News Junkies can stay informed with summaries of current affairs podcasts.
  • Hobbyists of all kinds can follow podcasts related to their specific interests.

Podcasters can also take advantage of the podcast summary AI tool for inspiration and ideas. Another option is to convert existing content to podcasts also with the help of AI.

Who is Podmob for

  • All podcast listeners
  • Educators
  • Students
  • Business Professionals
  • Fitness Enthusiasts
  • Entertainment Fans
  • Technology Aficionados
  • Travel Enthusiasts
  • News Junkies
  • Hobbyists

Pricing & Discount

Free$0/Month2 podcast follows
Pro$4/Month5 podcast follows, 20% off recap credits, Custom RSS Feed
Pro+$8/Month10 podcast follows, 30% off recap credits, Custom RSS Feed, Podmob AI Access, Ad-free, 24/7 support

Podmob Free version – Available


  • Limited number of podcast follows in the free version.
  • Dependency on the accuracy and depth of AI-generated recaps.


  • Data Privacy: Users may question how their listening preferences and interactions with AI are used.
  • Usability: The effectiveness of recaps in conveying the essence of podcast episodes.
  • Compatibility: Integration with various podcast players and email services.

Potential Future Developments

Considering user feedback and technological advancements, future updates might include:

  • Enhanced AI capabilities for more detailed and accurate recaps.
  • Increased integration options with popular podcast platforms and apps.
  • Expansion of podcast categories tailored to niche interests.

Try Podmob today and transform the way you interact with your favorite podcasts!

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