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Podium: Podcast AI Copywriter


Podium offers a comprehensive suite of AI-powered tools designed to enhance podcast production and distribution. As a multifunctional platform, Podium is not just another copywriting tool; it specializes in generating show notes, articles, transcripts, chapters, and more, tailored specifically for podcasts. By automating these essential tasks, Podium aims to save creators significant time and resources, making podcast content more accessible, discoverable, and engaging for audiences across various platforms.

Features & Benefits

Podium stands out with its array of features aimed at podcasters seeking efficiency and quality in their content creation process:

  • Show Notes & Chapters: Automatically generates concise summaries and segments podcasts into core topics for easy navigation.
  • Transcript Generation: Offers high-quality transcripts in .TXT and .VTT formats, enhancing accessibility and searchability.
  • Highlight Clips: Identifies and timestamps the podcast’s most impactful moments for easy sharing.
  • Social Media Posts: Creates ready-to-publish posts for platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, facilitating audience engagement.
  • Keywords: Provides relevant keywords to improve podcast discoverability by search engines and potential listeners.

Podium Tasks

  • Generate show notes and chapters
  • Create high-quality transcripts
  • Segment episodes into chapters with titles and summaries
  • Highlight quotable moments with timestamps
  • Produce ready-to-share social media posts
  • Supply highly-relevant keywords for SEO

Podium Integrations

  • Ready for Spotify and YouTube formatting
  • Supports social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

Real-world applications

Podium is versatile, catering to a wide range of industries including entertainment, education, marketing, and journalism. Its AI tools can particularly benefit:

  • Solo podcasters and professional studios looking to streamline production
  • Educational content creators aiming for accessible learning materials
  • Marketing professionals seeking to amplify their brand’s voice through engaging content
  • Journalists and storytellers requiring transcripts for archival and analysis purposes
  • Any content creator needing to enhance their podcast’s visibility and engagement on social media

Who is Podium for

  • Solo podcasters
  • Professional podcasters
  • Producers
  • Production studios
  • Marketing directors

Pricing & Discount

PlanPrice (USD per month)Hours/Month
Creator$123 hours
Studio$17850 hours

Podium Free version

Not available


While Podium offers an extensive range of features, it’s important to note that its features come as a complete package rather than being available individually. This might limit flexibility for users needing only specific functionalities.


Potential concerns for users may include the need for broader individual feature selection and considerations regarding the accuracy of transcripts and SEO keywords in languages other than English, despite the platform’s support for over 90 languages.

Potential Future Developments

Given Podium’s current trajectory and the podcasting industry’s growth, future enhancements could include:

  • Advanced customization options for individual features
  • Enhanced accuracy and language support for transcripts
  • Deeper analytics for podcast performance and listener engagement
  • Integration with additional podcasting and social media platforms

Explore how Podium can elevate your podcasting experience with its AI-powered toolkit designed for maximized engagement and efficiency.

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