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Tugan: AI Content Transformation Tool


Tugan is an AI tool designed to convert existing content into new, unique material. This platform caters to entrepreneurs, marketers, and creators, enabling them to repurpose content from various sources like YouTube videos, articles, or websites into fresh content for marketing and engagement purposes. Its main appeal is the simplification of content creation to enhance visibility and engagement in the competitive Attention Economy.

Features & Benefits

  • Content Transformation: Turn any content (videos, articles, websites) into original content.
  • Automated Writing: Instant content generation that mimics human writing.
  • Simple Input Method: Just paste a URL to start generating content.
  • Export Options: Easy one-click export of generated results.
  • Plagiarism-Free: Ensures content originality by creatively reinterpreting input.
  • No Installation Required: Web-based platform accessible via browser.
  • Multiple Content Types: Supports the creation of social media posts, email sequences, LinkedIn posts, ads, newsletters, and e-commerce product pages.

Tugan Tools and Their Functions

These tools are designed to simplify content creation across various platforms and formats, making it easier for users to engage with their audience and promote their products or services.

Youtube to Anything

  • Youtube to Newsletter: Transforms YouTube videos into newsletters.
  • Youtube to Twitter Threads: Converts YouTube videos into Twitter threads.
  • Youtube to LinkedIn Posts: Turns YouTube videos into LinkedIn posts.
  • Youtube to Simple Tweets: Converts YouTube videos into tweets.

Newsletter creation

  • From Article to Newsletter: Generates newsletters from articles or blogs.
  • From Keywords to Newsletter: Creates newsletters from keywords.

Twitter Growth

  • Article to Twitter Thread: Turns articles or blogs into Twitter threads.
  • Keywords to Twitter Thread: Generates Twitter threads from keywords.

Sales Emails

  • Sale Page to Sales Email: Creates sales emails from webpages.
  • Email Sequence: Develops a sequence of emails from a sales page.


  • Article to LinkedIn Post: Generates LinkedIn posts from articles or blogs.
  • Keywords to LinkedIn Post: Develops LinkedIn posts from keywords.

Ad Creation (experimental)

  • Sales Page to Youtube Ads: Converts sales pages into YouTube ads.
  • Sales Page to Facebook Ads: Transforms sales pages into Facebook ads.

Social Media

  • Youtube to Instagram Posts: Converts YouTube videos into Instagram posts.
  • Article to Instagram Posts: Turns articles into Instagram posts.
  • Youtube to Facebook Posts: Transforms YouTube videos into Facebook posts.
  • Article to Facebook Posts: Converts articles into Facebook posts.

    How Tugan Works

    1. Choose a Tool: Login and select the specific Tugan tool.
    2. Provide Input: For most tools, you simply need to paste a URL or enter keywords.
    3. Generate Content: Tugan automatically processes the input and generates new, original content.
    4. Export and Customize: Once Tugan has generated your content, you can export it with just one click. It’s recommended to add your personal touch or fine-tune the content to better suit your audience or branding before publishing or sending it.

    This straightforward process makes it easy for anyone to turn existing content into something new and engaging, without the need for extensive writing or content creation experience.

    Tugan Platforms

    • Web app

    Tugan Tasks

    • Generate newsletters from YouTube videos or articles
    • Create Twitter threads from YouTube videos or articles
    • Transform content into LinkedIn posts
    • Develop high-converting YouTube and Facebook ads
    • Produce engaging social media posts for Instagram and Facebook
    • Craft email sequences and sales emails from sales pages
    • Convert Aliexpress URLs into e-commerce product pages

    Tugan Integrations

    • n/a

    Real-world applications

    Entrepreneurs can use the AI tool to quickly generate captivating content for their latest projects, saving time and effort on brainstorming and writing. Marketers can repurpose existing material into various formats to maximize audience engagement across different platforms. For a fun twist, imagine turning a cooking show video into a series of dramatic tweets that narrate the culinary adventure with suspense and humor, keeping followers on the edge of their seats and craving more.

    Who is Tugan for

    • Entrepreneurs
    • Marketers
    • Content Creators

    Pricing & Discount

    PlanContent PiecesPrice
    Standard≈ 100+$37/mo
    Pro≈ 400+ to 6000+$97-$830/mo

    Tugan Free version

    Not available

    7 day free trial is offered.


    Tugan’s content generation is capped by the selected subscription plan, limiting the number of pieces you can create monthly.


    • Content Originality: Despite the claim of plagiarism-free output, users should still perform checks to ensure content uniqueness.
    • Overreliance on AI: The need to add personal touches to the AI-generated content to maintain authenticity.
    • Subscription Costs: Monthly fees could add up, especially for higher tiers required by heavy users.

    Potential Future Developments

    Adding a feature that suggests content optimization based on current SEO trends could greatly enhance Tugan’s value for online marketing. Introducing a collaboration tool for teams to work on projects together within the platform would also be beneficial.

    Explore Tugan today and transform how you create content!

    Try free for 7 days and see the results!

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