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PixAI: AI Anime Generator


PixAI is a versatile AI tool that allows users to create anime artwork from text prompts or images. Available on web, Android, and iOS, PixAI offers a range of features for generating and editing artistic content. Users can access a Model Market, utilize powerful editing tools, and engage with a community of artists. The platform also supports character and style training, making it a comprehensive tool for anime art enthusiasts.

Features & Benefits

  • Model Market: Access a wide variety of AI models, including exclusive ones like LoRA.
  • Powerful Editing Tools: Modify image details with inpaint and outpaint tools.
  • Online LoRA/Character and Style Template Training: Create characters and style templates with ease.
  • Artists’ Marketplace and Gallery: Share and explore artwork in a vibrant community.
  • Artistic Events and Competitions: Participate in monthly competitions to showcase your talent.
  • Picture to Art: Transform photos into animated characters.
  • Rich AI Drawing Tools: Utilize tools like Controlnet, Extract Descriptions from Images, and Hi-Res Upscaling.
  • PixAI Exclusive Models: Use top-tier SD anime models exclusive to PixAI.
  • Credit System: Earn credits through daily logins, events, and competitions.
  • Membership Perks: Unlock special badges, profile customization, and additional credit packages.

PixAI Platforms

Web, Android, iOS

PixAI Tasks

  • Generate image with prompts
  • Generate image with base image
  • Image editing
  • Upscaling/enhancing images
  • Creating variations of images
  • Publishing tasks to the community

PixAI Integrations


Real-world applications

PixAI is ideal for digital artists and anime enthusiasts looking to create unique artwork. Graphic designers can use the platform to quickly generate visuals for projects. Aspiring artists can develop their style and characters using PixAI’s character and style training tools. Educators can integrate PixAI into art classes to demonstrate AI’s role in creative processes.

Imagine a social media content creator transforming their daily photos into engaging anime-style posts to captivate their audience.

Who is PixAI for

  • Artists
  • Graphic designers
  • Anime enthusiasts
  • Aspiring digital creators
  • Educators

Pricing & Discount

Starter$10/month300,000 instant credits, 2,000 daily creditsMembership badge, profile banner, 3 free LoRAs, 10 private models, 5 LoRAs per task
Plus$30/month1,000,000 instant credits, 10,000 daily creditsMembership badge, profile banner, 5 free LoRAs, 10 private models, 7 LoRAs per task
Premium$50/month2,000,000 instant credits, 20,000 daily creditsMembership badge, profile banner, 10 free LoRAs, 10 private models, 10 LoRAs per task

PixAI Free version – Available


  • Limited integrations with other tools.
  • Requires internet connection for most features.


  • Data privacy: Users need to be cautious about the images and data they upload.
  • Learning curve: New users might need some time to understand all the features and tools.
  • Cost: Premium features might be expensive for casual users.

Potential Future Developments

  • Expanded Integrations: Integration with more graphic design tools.
  • Mobile App Enhancements: Improved mobile app functionalities for easier use.
  • More AI Models: Additional AI models to cater to a wider range of artistic styles.

Transform your ideas into anime art with PixAI.

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