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Pickaxe: AI App Bulder & Monetization


Pickaxe is a platform that enables users to create, customize, and monetize AI tools using their documents and data. Users can build AI tools and share them through a branded storefront.

Features & Benefits

  • Build: Train AI using your own documents and data.
  • Customize: Design AI tools with your branding.
  • Monetize: Set prices, manage accounts, and earn from your AI tools.
  • Monitor: Track how users interact with your AI tools.
  • Templates: Use pre-made templates or create your own.
  • Embed: Easily embed AI tools on websites.
  • No Code: Create AI apps without coding knowledge.

Pickaxe Platforms

Web app

Pickaxe Tasks

  • Build AI tools with personal documents and data
  • Customize AI tools with branding
  • Monetize AI tools
  • Monitor user interactions
  • Use and share templates
  • Embed AI tools on websites

Pickaxe Integrations


Real-world Applications

Pickaxe helps professionals create AI tools that others can use. For example, a business coach can build an AI coach to provide personalized advice. A teacher can design a homework AI app to help students with their assigements. The platform’s templates simplify starting common tasks, like event planning or text simplification. This flexibility allows creators to embed AI tools anywhere, giving their audience instant access to their services.

Who is Pickaxe for

  • Coaches
  • Consultants
  • Educators
  • Content Creators
  • Business Professionals

Pricing & Discount

Free$0/monthCreate and share Pickaxes, embed AI tools, add and sell access
Gold$16/month annually1,000 credits/month, up to 3 studios, GPT-4 access, white-label embeds, branded chat icons
Pro$72/month annually4,500 credits/month, unlimited studios, advanced data privacy & security options, lower take rate

Pickaxe Free version



  • No integrations with other platforms.
  • Limited number of studios for free and gold plans.


  • Data Privacy: Ensure sensitive information is secure when uploading documents.
  • Usability: Initial setup might be complex for non-technical users.
  • Cost: Higher plans may be expensive for small-scale users.
  • Learning Curve: Understanding prompt design may require additional effort.

Potential Future Developments

  • Adding integrations with popular third-party tools.
  • Enhanced analytics for deeper insights into user interactions.
  • More customizable templates to cater to diverse needs.

Create and monetize AI tools with Pickaxe, using your documents and data to reach a broader audience

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