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namelix AI business name generator


Selecting an appropriate name for a business can be a daunting task. In an era where the name can significantly impact a business’s identity and brand perception, Namelix presents an AI-driven solution to generate unique, catchy, and brandable names.

Features & Benefits

Namelix is an AI-powered business name generator that offers a variety of features designed to simplify the process of brainstorming business names:

  • AI-Driven Naming Process: Leveraging cutting-edge language models, Namelix generates short, catchy names based on the inputted keywords.
  • Customizable Filters: Users can refine the generated results based on preferences for name length, presence of specific keywords, or desired domain extensions.
  • Save & Learn Mechanism: This feature allows users to save their preferred names. The AI algorithm then learns from these selections, progressively improving its recommendations over time.
  • Name Style Selection: Users have the option to select the style of the name they want, from brandable names and alternate spellings to non-English words, compound words, real words, two-word names, and short phrases.
  • Controlled Randomness: This feature adjusts the level of creativity in the name suggestions from less random (most direct) to highly random (most varied).
  • Brand Information Inclusion: Users can add keywords related to their business or product and a short description of the business.
  • Optional Settings: This feature allows users to blacklist words or specify the maximum length for generated names. It also enables checking the availability of the suggested names in various domain extensions.

Real-world applications

Namelix has several real-world applications, particularly valuable for entrepreneurs, startup owners, and marketing teams:

  • Business Naming: Startups or businesses seeking to rebrand can use Namelix to generate unique and brandable names.
  • Product Naming: Marketing and product development teams can use Namelix to create catchy names for new products.
  • Domain Availability Checking: Those wanting to establish a strong online presence can use Namelix to check the availability of their desired business or product name across multiple domain extensions.

Pricing & Discount

Namelix is FREE to use.


While Namelix offers a comprehensive AI-powered naming service, it does have some limitations:

  • Subjectivity in Name Suggestions: The AI algorithm, although trained to offer catchy names, may not always align with users’ personal preferences or business context.
  • Availability of Domains: The tool’s domain availability feature is dependent on current registrations, which can change rapidly. It means a suggested available domain might be registered by the time a user decides to purchase it.
  • Limited Non-English Language Support: The tool primarily generates names based on the English language, which might limit its utility for non-English speakers or businesses targeting non-English markets.


Potential concerns regarding Namelix primarily relate to privacy and data security:

  • Data Privacy: The platform does not specify what happens to the business-related keywords and descriptions users input while generating names. It is unclear whether this data is stored or used in any way.
  • Trademark Concerns: The tool does not check for existing trademarks, which could lead to potential legal issues for users.

Potential Future Developments

Given the evolving nature of AI, it’s reasonable to anticipate a few future enhancements for Namelix:

  • Increased Language Support: Namelix may expand its language models to support non-English languages better, catering to a broader audience.
  • Trademark Checking: Integration of a feature to check for existing trademarks could significantly improve the tool’s utility and mitigate potential legal issues for users.

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AITE namelix Test

We did a simple test with the AI busness name generator namelix on autopilot. We used ony the basic options and enetered “AI Tools Explorer” as the keywords. We have to say that the names are quite deep and there is great potential in this tool. Each name is visualized as a stylized brand card and there’s also a very nice explanaiton (feedback) for the logic an meaning of the given name. Here’s the example for “Motioneye”:

Motioneye is a name that relates to the business keywords because it conveys the idea of movement and exploration through the use of advanced technology. The word “motion” suggests action and progress, while “eye” implies vision and observation. Together, they create a name that is memorable, dynamic, and tech-savvy.


In addition, for each business name you get a bunch of similar sounding options, which is quite handy.

namelix business name feedback with detailed explanations

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