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Maika: Elevating Content Marketing with AI-driven Tools


Maika is an AI-powered content creation tool crafted for content marketing, offering a unique blend of features designed to simplify and enhance the process of content generation. With Maika, users can rapidly produce multi-platform content, from SEO articles to Facebook ads, leveraging a range of AI-driven templates and tools. The platform is available as web app and Chrome extension supports only Vietnamese and English.

Features & Benefits

  • Prebuilt Templates: Streamline the content creation process with templates designed for various content types, enabling quick ideation and drafting.
  • Workflow Management: Offers a step-by-step guide through the content generation process, from ideation and outlining to the final content creation.
  • Maika Extension: A browser extension that allows users to write emails, translate, convert text to speech, and more without leaving their current tab.
  • Content and Keyword Research Tools: Integrated tools for keyword research and content planning to optimize content for SEO and improve website rankings.
  • AI Copilot: Assist in writing, summarizing content, and more directly from your browser.
  • Diverse Content Support: Over 30+ AI templates cater to different content needs, including SEO articles, social media posts, email marketing, and translation.

Maika Platforms

  • Web app
  • Browser extension

Maika Tasks

  • Generate ideas for SEO articles and Facebook ads
  • Draft full SEO articles and social media ads
  • Translate text between English and Vietnamese
  • Summarize videos and articles
  • Extract key points from passages
  • Write compelling email marketing content
  • Generate content outlines and drafts

Maika Integrations

  • n/a

Real-world Applications

Maika serves a wide range of industries by facilitating efficient content creation. Content marketers can leverage it to quickly produce SEO-optimized articles, while social media managers use it for crafting engaging ads and posts. Small business owners benefit from its ability to generate diverse content types, supporting their digital marketing efforts without the need for extensive resources. Additionally, writers and freelancers can use Maika to streamline their workflows, improve productivity, and meet the growing demand for high-quality, timely content. Its keyword research tool also aids SEO specialists in identifying optimal keywords to enhance online visibility.

Who is Maika for

  • Content creators
  • Writers in content marketing
  • Small business owners
  • Small and medium enterprises

Pricing & Discount

FreeFree200 credits20,000 AI Words, All features access, Maika App, Support
Premium$8.90/user/month2,000 credits200,000 AI Words, AI Writing Assistant, 30+ Templates, Workflow & Grammar Checker*
Pay As You Go$4.501,000 creditsPay for what you use, no monthly commitment

Maika Free version – Available


  • Language support limited to English and Vietnamese, potentially excluding non-speakers.
  • The free version has a cap on AI words generated, which might limit extensive testing or large project development.


Users may have concerns about the quality of AI-generated content and its alignment with brand voice or SEO effectiveness. Additionally, the reliance on AI for content creation raises questions about originality and plagiarism. The platform’s current limitation to two languages might also restrict its accessibility for a global audience.

Potential Future Developments

  • Expanding language support to include more languages could significantly broaden its user base.
  • Advanced editing tools that offer deeper customization and refinement of AI-generated content.
  • Enhanced AI models for better understanding of niche topics or industry-specific jargon.

Get a taste of AI-powered content creation and streamline your content marketing workflow by trying Maika AI today.

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