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Jeffrey Celavie: AI Astrology


Jeffrey Celavie is an AI-powered astrology app that combines Vedic, Western, and Chinese astrology to create detailed astrological profiles. The AI, named JC, integrates data from these three astrological traditions to offer personalized insights into your character, life events, and personal development. The AI tool provides an interactive experience to help users deepen self-knowledge and achieve personal fulfillment through various activities and exercises.

Features & Benefits

  • Tri-Astrological Integration: Combines Vedic, Western, and Chinese astrology for comprehensive profiles.
  • Interactive AI Guidance: Personalized interaction with the JC AI for tailored advice and insights.
  • Astrological Profile Creation: Generates detailed charts that include character traits and life turning points.
  • Focus Meditations: Chakra-focused meditations based on astrological profiles to harmonize energy.
  • Gems and Quests: Earn Gems by completing meditations and quests, unlocking further levels and benefits.
  • Exclusive Content: Access to unique knowledge and activities via NFTs.
  • Community and Events: Participate in special events and connect with the community on platforms like Discord and Instagram.


Web app

Jeffrey Celavie Tasks

  • Calculate birth charts from Vedic, Western, and Chinese astrology
  • Generate detailed astrological profiles
  • Provide interactive AI-guided advice
  • Facilitate chakra-focused meditations
  • Track and reward progress with Gems
  • Offer exclusive content and events through NFTs



Real-world Applications

Jeffrey Celavie offers personalized astrological guidance to help users understand themselves better and navigate life’s challenges. For example, a user seeking clarity about their career path can use JC’s insights to align their professional decisions with their astrological profile. A couple wanting to improve their relationship might explore their compatibility through the combined Vedic, Western, and Chinese charts, gaining deeper understanding and harmony.

Another intriguing application could be using JC’s AI to plan a vacation that aligns with your astrological influences, ensuring the stars are in your favor for relaxation and adventure.

Who is Jeffrey Celavie for

  • Astrology enthusiasts
  • Personal development seekers
  • Spiritual explorers
  • Anyone interested in self-discovery

Pricing & Discount

Monthly$1.9910 AI interactions per month, unlimited meditations
Annual$20Save two months, full access to meditations and exercises

Jeffrey Celavie Free Version

Not available


  • No free version available
  • Access to some features is limited without NFTs
  • Dependency on user engagement for deeper insights


  • Data Privacy: User data is not shared with third parties.
  • Usability: May require some familiarity with astrology for optimal use.
  • Compatibility: Limited to web app, may not integrate with other AI tools.
  • Cost: Subscription-based model might not suit everyone.
  • Learning Curve: New users might need time to understand the platform’s full potential.

Potential Future Developments

  • Mobile App: Adding support for iOS and Android.
  • Enhanced Personalization: More granular astrological insights.
  • Expanded Content: Additional meditation and personal development exercises.
  • Community Features: Enhanced interaction options for users.

Embark on your personal astrological journey with Jeffrey Celavie. Unlock the mysteries of your astrological profile and achieve self-fulfillment with the guidance of AI.

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