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Hoppy Copy: AI-Powered Email Campaign Creator


Hoppy Copy is an AI tool that helps users craft email campaigns quickly. It generates content for various email marketing efforts, such as campaigns, drips, newsletters, and more. This tool is designed to save time and enhance the quality of email content with AI assistance.

Features & Benefits

  • AI Copywriter: Automatically generates content for emails and newsletters.
  • Email Sequence Creator: Crafts multi-email sequences for extended campaigns.
  • Newsletter Creator: Designs image-rich newsletters to engage subscribers.
  • Spam Check: Analyzes emails to avoid spam filters and improve open rates.
  • Competitor Monitoring: Tracks emails from competitors for strategic insights.
  • AI Chat: Offers ChatGPT-like functionality tailored to marketing needs.
  • Content Converter: Transforms blogs, tweets, and texts into emails and vice versa.
  • Advanced Editor Tools: Provides editing tools for improving email content.

Hoppy Copy Platforms

  • Web app

Hoppy Copy Tasks

  • Generate powerful content for email campaigns
  • Create multi-email sequences
  • Design image-rich newsletters
  • Perform spam checks to increase email open rates
  • Monitor competitors’ email strategies
  • Convert content across formats
  • Generate marketing content beyond emails

Hoppy Copy Integrations

  • n/a

Real-world applications

Hoppy Copy serves as an indispensable ally for entities across various fields, not confined to the digital realm alone but extending its utility to tangible interactions influenced by digital outreach. E-commerce entities leverage it for announcing product launches through emails that captivate potential customers. Marketing agencies find a reliable partner in Hoppy Copy, enabling them to produce diverse and tailored content for a broad client base swiftly. For freelancers, it becomes a tool to elevate their offerings, crafting email campaigns that stand out. Non-profits discover in it a voice to resonate with their supporters, sending newsletters that truly connect. Educational institutions utilize it to keep their communities informed and engaged, whether it’s students, staff, or alumni. Event organizers witness a significant uptick in attendance, attributed to compelling promotional sequences. In the healthcare sector, providers communicate vital health tips and updates, building a healthier informed community. Real estate agents and hospitality businesses alike harness its power to nurture leads and drive bookings through personalized emails. Even tech companies rely on it to keep their user base engaged and informed about the latest updates. In essence, Hoppy Copy bridges the gap between organizations and their audiences, enhancing communication strategies across the board with precision and creativity.

Who is Hoppy Copy for

  • Marketers
  • E-commerce businesses
  • Freelancers
  • Non-profits
  • Educational institutions
  • Event organizers
  • Healthcare providers
  • Real estate agents
  • Hospitality businesses
  • Tech companies

Pricing & Discount

Pricing & Discount

Starter$29/monthUp to 20,000 words/month, 10 competitors, 1 user
Pro$49/monthUp to 100,000 words/month, 25 competitors, 3 users
Pro +$99/monthUp to 300,000 words/month, 50 competitors, 5 users
  • 20% off with annual billing
  • All plans include a 7-Day Free Trial with no credit card required.

Hoppy Copy Free version

Not available


  • Limited to email and marketing content generation
  • Requires user input for best results


  • Data privacy and security
  • Dependence on AI for content creativity
  • Potential for generic content without customization
  • Learning curve for advanced features

Potential Future Developments

  • Integration with more marketing platforms
  • Enhanced analytics for email campaign performance
  • More language and regional customization options

Discover how Hoppy Copy can simplify your email marketing process and enhance your content quality today.

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