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HeyPhoto: AI-Powered Photo Editing Tool


HeyPhoto is an AI tool designed to edit selfies and group photos. It allows users to adjust facial features, including gaze direction, nose shape, skin tone, and hair style. The tool aims to provide a fun and interactive experience, making significant changes like anonymizing faces, changing gender, age, and adding smiles easily achievable.

Features & Benefits

  • Tune facial features: Change gaze direction, nose shape, skin tone, age, hair style, and other facial aspects.
  • Anonymize photos: Enhance privacy by becoming invisible to face recognition systems.
  • Adjust emotions: Set the desired level of happiness or alter facial expressions to match any mood.
  • Gender transformation: Modify facial features to appear more masculine or feminine.
  • Age alteration: Experience a glimpse of youth or old age with age modification features.
  • Fun interactions: Use engaging methods like dragging a bird to change gaze direction.
  • Privacy and security: Offers options to securely store images with the freedom to delete them anytime.
  • Quality and compatibility: Works best with high-quality photos facing the camera, handling images up to 5MB and 1024*1024 px.
  • Free to use: HeyPhoto is available at no cost, applying a watermark on edited photos for promotional purposes.

HeyPhoto Platforms

  • Web app

HeyPhoto Tasks

  • Edit photo with AI
  • Change gaze direction
  • Anonymize faces
  • Adjust smile intensity
  • Change gender presentation
  • Modify age appearance
  • Alter facial emotions
  • Adjust skin tone
  • Modify nose shape
  • Reshape facial structure
  • Apply makeup
  • Try new hairstyles

HeyPhoto Integrations

  • n/a

Real-world applications

HeyPhoto is suitable for a wide range of users seeking to enhance or modify their photos for various purposes. Photographers can use it to tweak facial features or test different styles without the need for a makeup artist. Social media users might find it fun to alter their photos before sharing them online. Privacy-conscious individuals can benefit from its face anonymization feature, making it harder for face recognition systems to identify them. Graphic designers could use HeyPhoto to create varied avatars or characters for projects. Marketing professionals might utilize it to create diverse representations of people for campaigns. Dating app users can enhance their profile pictures while maintaining privacy. Youth and elderly can have a glimpse into their future or past selves. Individuals exploring gender identity might find the gender change feature useful. Anyone looking to adjust their mood or facial expressions in photos can easily do so.

Who is HeyPhoto for

  • Photographers
  • Social media enthusiasts
  • Privacy-conscious individuals
  • Graphic designers
  • Marketing professionals
  • Dating app users
  • Anyone exploring their look

Pricing & Discount

FreeFull access to editing tools, with watermark$0

HeyPhoto Free version – Available


  • Watermark on photos
  • Limited to images up to 5MB and 1024*1024 px


  • Privacy of stored images
  • Watermark might not be desirable for all users
  • Limited editing options for certain facial features until future updates

Potential Future Developments

  • Removing watermarks for a premium version
  • Expanding file size and resolution limits
  • Adding more detailed editing features like teeth whitening or eye color change

Explore HeyPhoto to transform your photos with AI effortlessly and maintain privacy while doing so.

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