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Grantable: Mastering Grant Writing with AI Assistance

Grantable - writing grants with AI assistance


Grantable is an AI-powered platform designed to simplify and expedite the often complex task of writing grant proposals. Grantable leverages artificial intelligence to utilize pre-existing content and streamline the grant writing process, thereby fostering efficiency and effectiveness. Unlike conventional word processors, spreadsheets, or cloud storage systems, Grantable creates a unified workspace for grant content and collaborative efforts, promoting a seamless, swift, and organized grant writing experience.

Features & Benefits

Grantable’s platform boasts a multitude of features designed to make grant writing faster and more efficient:

  1. AI Grant Drafting: The AI assistant analyzes past proposals and generates drafts based on your previous content, leaving only modifications and approvals to you.
  2. Prompt Understanding: Grantable can interpret proposal prompts and sift through your content to locate and repurpose relevant information.
  3. Question Focus: The platform encourages teams to concentrate on each question in the proposal, facilitating full, effective, and efficient responses.
  4. Content Centralization: Grantable transcends the functionality of common word processors, spreadsheets, and cloud storage by keeping all your content organized and readily accessible.
  5. Versatility: The platform caters to diverse teams, from nonprofits to businesses and consultants. It addresses specific needs, such as managing client document libraries for consultants, centralizing application processes for businesses, and maximizing grant opportunities for nonprofits.

The benefits of these features include increased efficiency in the grant writing process, better team collaboration, more effective responses to grant proposal questions, and less time spent on manual data management and more time allocated to strategic tasks.

Real-world applications

Grantable can be used in a variety of scenarios:

  • Nonprofits: These organizations can leverage Grantable to write more grant proposals in less time, increasing the likelihood of securing necessary funding.
  • Businesses: Companies applying for research and development grants, for instance, can utilize Grantable to simplify and accelerate the application process while ensuring no essential detail is missed.
  • Consultants: Grant consultants can use Grantable to manage client document libraries efficiently, speed up proposal writing, and enhance collaboration with clients.

Pricing & Discount

Grantable offers flexible pricing plans tailored to suit different user needs:

PlanCostTokens (per month)Token Top-upsSeatsDocument Uploads
Free$025K (one-time)$49/50K tokens1Unlimited
Pro$2450K$20/50K tokens3Unlimited
Pro +$89250K$16/50K tokens10Unlimited

For Pro and Pro+ users, the cost per 50K AI tokens decreases with the plan, providing greater value for users requiring higher volumes. Furthermore, the Enterprise plan, currently in the works, promises volume discounts and dedicated support.


Despite its many advantages, Grantable does have limitations. Notably, it does not provide grant prospecting services or a grant database, a feature that many grant seekers may desire. Users need to source grants independently or hire expert grant prospectors.


Data privacy and security is a key concern for users. Grantable asserts that it adheres to strict data protection practices and industry-standard security measures. The platform guarantees that stored data remains under user ownership and control, and it is not accessed, shared, or used for any purpose beyond providing services.

Another potential concern may revolve around compatibility. Grantable has not provided detailed information on which devices or operating systems it supports, which could impact user experience.

Potential Future Developments

Given the current AI trends and user needs, we can speculate about possible enhancements to Grantable. The introduction of a grant prospecting feature would be a logical addition, making the platform a comprehensive grant solution from discovery to proposal writing. Greater personalization of AI responses to reflect the user’s writing style more accurately could also be a future improvement. However, these are speculative and have not been announced by the company.

How to Write a Quality Grant Proposal with AI Assistance

Writing a quality grant proposal requires precision, clarity, and a deep understanding of your project and the funding agency’s objectives. AI tools like Grantable can significantly enhance your grant writing process. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can leverage the power of AI to craft a compelling grant proposal:

  1. Understand the Grant Requirements: Start by thoroughly reading through the grant guidelines and understanding the requirements. Grantable’s AI assistant can interpret proposal prompts, helping you get a clear understanding of what each question seeks.
  2. Leverage Past Content: Instead of starting from scratch, you can use Grantable’s AI assistant to utilize your previous content. It searches all your content for relevant information to repurpose in the new proposal.
  3. Generate the First Draft: The AI assistant in Grantable can write the first draft for you based on your past content and the understanding of the proposal prompt. This step saves time and ensures consistency in your writing.
  4. Review and Revise: After the AI generates the first draft, review and revise the content. AI is a tool, not a replacement for human review. Your expertise and understanding are essential to ensure the proposal aligns with your project’s goals and the grant’s requirements.
  5. Focus on Each Question: Each question in the proposal needs to be answered fully and effectively. The AI assistant in Grantable helps teams to focus on each question at hand, making your responses more potent and on point.
  6. Use Collaborative Features: If you’re working with a team, use the collaboration features in Grantable. You can easily manage document libraries, collaborate on proposals, coordinate tasks, and speed up writing.
  7. Finalize Your Proposal: After you’ve made all the necessary edits and revisions, review the entire proposal one final time. Ensure the proposal is coherent, concise, and convincingly presents your project.
  8. Learn and Improve: One of the significant benefits of AI-assisted writing tools like Grantable is their learning capability. The more you use the tool, the better it gets at understanding your style and the type of content you want to generate. So, each proposal becomes an opportunity for the AI to learn and improve future proposals.

By integrating these steps into your grant writing process, you can significantly improve the quality of your proposals while also reducing the time and effort involved. The future of grant writing is here with AI, and the potential is exciting.

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