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GPTZero AI plagiarism

GPTZero is an AI detector designed to determine whether a document was written by a large language model. The platform has over 1 million users and is built for a wide range of applications, including education, certification, hiring, recruitment, social writing platforms, and disinformation detection.

Key Features

Plagiarism Scores

GPTZero provides a holistic score that represents the likelihood of a document being written by AI, helping users assess the originality of the content.

Highlighted Portions

The platform highlights AI-generated sentences within a document, making it simple to identify which parts of the content were generated by AI.

File Batch Uploads

GPTZero supports batch uploads for multiple files at once, making it easier for educators to process content for entire classrooms.

API Integration

Easy-to-use API is available for organizations, allowing seamless integration with existing systems.

GPTZero Pricing

GPTZero offers three subscription plans:

  1. Classic (Free): 5K character limit per document, 3 files limit per batch upload, and no API access.
  2. Educator ($9.99/mo): 50K character limit per document, unlimited batch file uploads, 1 million words per month, and a fine-tuned detection model for education. No API access is included.
  3. Pro ($19.99/mo): 50K character limit per document, unlimited batch file uploads, 2 million words per month, and access to the GPTZero premium AI detection model. No API access is included.

Enterprise and business API plans are also available for integration with software systems.

Real-World Applications

GPTZero is applicable in various scenarios, such as:

  • Detecting AI-generated content in educational settings
  • Assessing the authenticity of content in hiring and recruitment processes
  • Identifying disinformation campaigns and fake news articles
  • Ensuring content originality in social writing platforms

GPTZero Limitations and Concerns

While GPTZero is effective in many situations, there are some limitations to consider:

  • The model’s accuracy may decrease for heavily modified AI-generated content
  • The accuracy of the model increases with more text submitted, meaning that document-level classification is more accurate than paragraph- or sentence-level classification
  • The majority of GPTZero’s dataset is in English prose, so its accuracy may vary for other languages or types of text

Future Developments

As AI-generated content continues to evolve, GPTZero plans to improve its models to maintain accuracy and relevancy. By focusing on advancements in AI detection, GPTZero aims to provide users with the most reliable and efficient tools for identifying AI-generated text.

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