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Formula God: AI-Powered Google Sheets Assistant

Formula God GoogleSheers AI assistant


Formula God is an AI-enhanced plugin for Google Sheets, transforming the way users interact with their data. It integrates directly into Google Sheets, enabling users to generate formulas, create charts and graphs, gain insights, and amend their sheets through a chat interface. This tool serves as a real-time data assistant, simplifying complex spreadsheet tasks without the need to switch tabs.

Features & Benefits

  • Charts & Graphs: Analyze data and generate visualizations directly within Google Sheets.
  • Formula Generator: Easily request and learn about formulas needed for specific data analysis tasks.
  • AI Insights: Interact with data through an AI chat assistant, asking questions and receiving insights without leaving Google Sheets.

Formula God Tasks

  • Generating and explaining spreadsheet formulas.
  • Creating charts and graphs from sheet data.
  • Providing AI-driven insights based on spreadsheet data.
  • Directly amending Google Sheets through AI commands.

Real-world applications

Formula God is beneficial for various sectors including finance, marketing, education, and research. It streamlines Google sheets data analysis and visualization for professionals who rely heavily on spreadsheets. Educators and students can use it to simplify data understanding, while researchers can quickly generate and interpret complex data sets. Additionally, marketers can use it for real-time data analysis and reporting.

Who is Formula God for

  • Data Analysts
  • Marketers
  • Educators and Students
  • Research Professionals
  • Business Managers

Pricing & Discount

Mere MortalFree10 chat messages/requests
Demi God$4.99/monthUnlimited formula messages/requests
Mighty God$14.99/monthUnlimited formulas, 200 Data Analysis requests, 100 Data Transformation requests

Annual plans offer up to a 15% discount.

Formula God Free version



Formula God may have limitations in understanding extremely complex or niche spreadsheet tasks. Users with advanced spreadsheet skills might find certain features less beneficial.


Potential concerns with Formula God could include data privacy and security, especially when handling sensitive information. Compatibility with different versions of Google Sheets and user familiarity with AI-driven interfaces might also be considerations.

Potential Future Developments

Future enhancements for Formula God might include more advanced natural language processing for better understanding of complex queries, integration with other data analysis tools, and expanded functionalities for data transformation.

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