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Elephas: AI Writing Assistant for Mac and iOS


Elephas is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) writing assistant designed to streamline your daily writing tasks across your Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Offering a diverse suite of features, Elephas aims to help you create compelling content, reply to emails swiftly, and engage with your data in ways that were previously unattainable.


Super Brain

Elephas introduces a feature called the “Super Brain”, allowing you to import your data from various sources such as PDF, Word, Notion, Obsidian, and web pages. This data is then used to generate content suggestions and responses when you interact with Elephas.

Snippets, Smart Reply, and Super Chat

You can leverage your imported data in three ways:

  1. Snippets: Set up snippets using your data.
  2. Smart Reply: Reply to emails or social media posts using your data.
  3. Super Chat: Interact with your data in a chat format.

Supported Platforms

Elephas seamlessly integrates with popular platforms such as Gmail, Outlook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Slack, Discord, Instagram, Reddit, and Microsoft Teams.



Elephas offers assistance with everything from drafting proposals and cover letters to creating blogs and social media posts. It aids in crafting professional emails, writing engaging content, and replying swiftly to correspondence.


Elephas brings a personalized approach to content generation. It supports multiple languages and is adaptive to different writing styles and tones, enhancing the writing experience.


Elephas respects user privacy. It uses your OpenAI keys, meaning your data isn’t stored on their servers but is sent to OpenAI for processing.


Elephas caters to the needs of marketers, content writers, business professionals, and technical professionals. It aids in:

  1. Generating blog ideas, outlines, and complete articles.
  2. Repurposing content for social media.
  3. Crafting professional emails and other content.
  4. Writing and understanding code in any language.


Elephas offers a pay-per-use pricing model. It relies on your OpenAI keys, charging you for your usage rather than a fixed monthly subscription. The platform offers three tiers: Standard ($4.99/month), Pro ($8.99/month), and Pro+ ($14.99/month). Each tier offers a set of features best suited for individuals, pro users, and power users, respectively.

Limitations and Concerns

Currently, Elephas only supports Mac devices. Also, while it supports multiple languages, not all features like ‘Rewrite’ are available for all languages. The content will be sent to OpenAI for processing, which might be a privacy concern for some users.

Potential Future Developments

Considering the pace of advancements in AI, Elephas may further develop its AI models to support more languages and platforms. It might also enhance its privacy mechanisms and increase the personalization and relevance of content generation.

In the future, Elephas might be expected to optimize costs even further by developing its own AI models to reduce dependency on OpenAI, while maintaining its high-quality content generation capabilities.


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