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Eduaide: AI-Assisted Lesson Planning


Eduaide is a platform designed to simplify lesson planning for educators. By leveraging large language models, it offers a comprehensive suite of tools to reduce administrative tasks, enabling teachers to focus more on student engagement and less on paperwork. Eduaide supports instructional design by generating diverse teaching resources, tailoring lesson plans, and facilitating various educational activities.

Features & Benefits

  • Generate Teaching Resources: Access over 100 types of resources and learning objects for lesson planning.
  • Personalization Tools: Customize learning paths to meet diverse student needs.
  • Feedback Bot: Automatically generate actionable feedback for students.
  • Eduaide Chat: Interact with an AI teaching assistant for brainstorming and idea generation.
  • Assessment Builder: Quickly create assessments with customizable difficulty levels.
  • Language Preferences: Use Eduaide in over 15 languages for broader accessibility.

Eduaide Platforms

  • Web app

Eduaide Tasks

  • Generate over 100 types of teaching resources and learning objects
  • Draft lesson plans aligned with educational frameworks
  • Create customizable assessments and worksheets
  • Provide personalized feedback to students
  • Support diverse learning needs through inclusive strategies

Eduaide Integrations

  • n/a

Real-world applications

Eduaide is a versatile tool that can transform the way educators approach lesson planning and student engagement. For example, a teacher can use Eduaide to generate a dynamic, quest-based learning adventure that captures students’ imagination and fosters deep learning. Imagine turning a math lesson into an escape room challenge, where students solve problems to “escape” the classroom, making learning both fun and impactful.

Another scenario could involve a history teacher using Eduaide to craft a role-play scenario based on a significant historical event, allowing students to explore different perspectives and deepen their understanding of the subject matter. Eduaide’s flexibility also allows for the creation of personalized learning paths, accommodating students with various learning preferences and needs.

The AI edication platform can be used to organize a school-wide Jeopardy-style trivia competition. Subjects range from science to literature, encouraging students to engage with the curriculum in a competitive and enjoyable manner. It’s a fun way to review material before exams, fostering both camaraderie and academic excellence.

Who is Eduaide for

  • Teachers
  • Educational Administrators
  • Instructional Designers
  • Tutors

Pricing & Discount

Free$015 generations/month, Limited Feedback Bot, Enhance & Transform Features
Pro$5.99/monthUnlimited Generations, 75+ Content Generator Resources, 25+ Teaching Assistant Resources, Increased Feedback Bot Assignment Length, Eduaide Chat, Enhance & Transform Features, All Future Features & Tools

Eduaide Free version – Available


  • The free plan limits resource generation to 15 per month.
  • Limited access to advanced Feedback Bot features in the free version.


  • Potential learning curve for educators new to AI tools.
  • Ensuring data privacy and security within the educational context.
  • Compatibility with existing educational technology and curricula.

Potential Future Developments

  • Expanding the language options to cover more global languages.
  • Integration with popular educational platforms and tools for seamless use.
  • Development of a mobile app for easier access and planning on the go.

Discover how Eduaide can transform your teaching experience by simplifying lesson planning and enabling more personalized learning pathways.

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