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Dog Identifier: Dog Breeds


The Dog Identifier app is an AI-powered tool designed to identify over 170 dog breeds using images or videos. Users can learn about a breed’s characteristics, temperament, and history. The app caters to dog owners, breeders, and enthusiasts.

Features & Benefits

  • AI-powered Image Recognition: Upload an image or video of a dog, and the app predicts the breed.
  • Extensive Breed Database: Access detailed information on over 170 dog breeds.
  • Breed Information: Learn about each breed’s history, personality, and physical traits.
  • Dog Finder: Answer lifestyle questions to find the best dog breeds for your needs.
  • Dog Feed Listing: Create and share posts about your dog, receive likes, comments, and engage with the community.
  • Dog Mood Detection: Analyze your dog’s facial expressions and body language to understand their emotions.
  • User-friendly Interface: Easy to navigate and use for all age groups.
  • Save and Share: Save breed identifications and share them with friends and family.

Dog Identifier Platforms

  • Android, iOS

Dog Identifier Tasks

  • Identify dog breeds from images or videos.
  • Provide detailed breed information.
  • Suggest suitable dog breeds based on user preferences.
  • Analyze and suggest dog moods from facial expressions.
  • Create and share dog-related posts.

Dog Identifier Integrations

  • n/a

Real-world Applications

For dog owners and enthusiasts, the Dog Identifier app is an invaluable AI tool. Suppose you see a dog at the park and wonder about its breed. Simply snap a photo, and the app will provide accurate breed information along with details about the dog’s temperament and care needs. Breeders and shelters can use the app to quickly identify breeds, aiding in the management and adoption process.

Imagine attending a dog show and wanting to learn more about a specific breed. The app can provide instant access to detailed information, enhancing your experience. The new Dog Mood Detection feature is particularly useful for pet owners who wish to understand their pet’s emotions better. This feature helps in improving the well-being of your furry friend by suggesting ways to keep them happy and healthy.

Additionally, the Dog Feed Listing allows users to create social posts about their dogs, fostering a community of dog lovers who can share experiences and advice. What would happen if you use this AI app to check a mixed-breed doggo? 🤔 And what if you scan a cat? Try it but for better results with the kitties you can use the Cat Identifier.

Who is Dog Identifier for?

  • Dog owners
  • Breeders
  • Pet enthusiasts
  • Shelters
  • Veterinarians

Pricing & Discount

Free Version$0

Dog Identifier Free Version



  • Limited to identifying breeds within the database of 170+ breeds.
  • Requires a clear image or video for accurate identification.


  • Data Privacy: Users should be aware of how their data and images are stored and used.
  • Usability: Some users may find the advanced features, like mood detection, complex to use.
  • Compatibility: The AI app is available only on Android and iOS platforms.

Potential Future Developments

  • Expanding the breed database to include more breeds.
  • Adding more advanced features such as health monitoring.
  • Integrating with other pet-related apps and platforms.

Discover the breed of any dog with a snap and enhance your knowledge about your furry friends. Download Dog Identifier today!

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