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Cat Scanner: Cat Breed Identifier


The Cat Scanner app identifies cat breeds from photos. It can identify 60 unique cat breeds. Users can take pictures with their camera or upload photos from their gallery. The app provides results in a few seconds, including identifying mixed breeds and offering breed information.

Features & Benefits

  • Identify Cat Breeds: Quickly and easily determine the breed of a cat using your camera or photo uploads.
  • Mixed Breed Detection: Recognizes mixed breeds and provides detailed information on the breeds involved.
  • No Cat Around?: Scan yourself or others to find out which cat breed you resemble.
  • Gamification: Similar to Pokémon Go, users can ‘catch’ different cat breeds.
  • Social Feed: Share and compare results with the community. View and interact with other users’ posts.
  • Premium Features:
    • Deactivate ads
    • Offline mode
    • Faster and more accurate scan options
    • Access to all future features


  • Android, iOS

Cat Scanner Tasks

  • Identify cat breeds
  • Recognize mixed breeds
  • Scan humans to find cat breed resemblance
  • Share results with the community
  • Participate in gamification by ‘catching’ cat breeds

Cat Scanner Integrations

  • n/a

Real-world Applications

Cat lovers often encounter unfamiliar cat breeds. With the Cat Scanner app, you can quickly snap a photo and identify the breed within seconds. This AI tool can be particularly useful for veterinarians, animal shelters, and adoption centers to provide accurate breed information to potential adopters.

Imagine being at a friend’s house, and they show you their new cat. You can impress them by identifying the breed on the spot with the AI Cat Scanner. Or, at a social gathering, you can entertain guests by scanning them and showing which cat breed they resemble.

We’re sure that dogs will hate this cat AI tool but that’s life. For an extra layer of fun, scan your boss at the next office party and announce which majestic feline they would be. Who knows, maybe they’ll appreciate their newfound resemblance to a regal Persian cat!

Who is Cat Scanner for?

  • Cat enthusiasts
  • Veterinarians
  • Animal shelter staff
  • Cat owners
  • Anyone curious about cat breeds

Pricing & Discount

FreeLimited features, ads$0
Cat Scanner PremiumAll features, no ads$13.99

Cat Scanner Free version



  • Identifies a limited number of cat breeds (60)
  • Requires premium upgrade for offline mode and ad-free experience


  • Data Privacy: Handling of personal data when scanning humans
  • Usability: May require a learning curve for accurate scanning
  • Compatibility: Limited to Android and iOS platforms
  • Cost: Premium version may be considered expensive by some users

Potential Future Developments

The Cat Scanner app could expand its breed database to include more rare and exotic cats. Enhanced social features, such as breed-specific forums, could also be beneficial. Integration with pet care services and partnerships with veterinary clinics could provide added value to users.

Try the Cat Scanner app and discover the fascinating world of cat breeds, or just find out if you resemble a cute Scottish Fold or a mighty Maine Coon!

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