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Sharly: AI Summarizer & Chat


Sharly is an AI tool designed to simplify and enhance interactions with PDF documents and various file types. It enables users to summarize long documents, extract key information, and chat with their files for quick and accurate insights. Sharly is ideal for researchers, legal professionals, project managers, and anyone dealing with extensive documentation.

Features & Benefits

  • AI Summarizer: Transforms lengthy documents into concise summaries, saving time and improving comprehension.
  • Citations: Extracts citations from sources, aiding in accurate referencing.
  • Cross-document Analysis: Allows comparison and analysis across multiple documents.
  • Automatic OCR on PDFs: Converts scanned documents into searchable and editable text.
  • Integration with Google Drive: Seamlessly accesses and interacts with files stored on Google Drive.
  • Supported Formats: Compatible with Word, PDF, CSV, TXT, OCR, Notion, URLs, YouTube, XML, and more.

Sharly Platforms

Web app

Sharly Tasks

  • Summarize long documents
  • Extract and format citations
  • Analyze content across multiple documents
  • Perform OCR on scanned PDFs
  • Integrate with Google Drive for seamless file management

Sharly Integrations

  • Google Drive

Real-world Applications

Sharly’s ability to interact with documents and provide quick summaries is particularly beneficial for researchers. A researcher can upload numerous academic papers to the summary generator, significantly reducing the time needed for literature reviews. Similarly, legal professionals can leverage Sharly to scan through complex legal documents and extract relevant clauses and compliance information quickly. A lawyer preparing for a case could upload several legal briefs and contracts, using Sharly to identify key points and inconsistencies across the documents.

Project managers can use Sharly to keep their teams aligned by quickly summarizing project updates and documents. For instance, a project manager can upload meeting minutes and project plans, then chat with the documents to retrieve action items and deadlines. Sharly also supports educators and students by making academic reading more manageable through quick summaries and citation extraction.

Imagine being able to chat with your grocery list to find out the total cost or whether you’ve forgotten any essential items. Yes, even mundane tasks can be simplified with Sharly.

Who is Sharly for

  • Researchers
  • Legal professionals
  • Project managers
  • Educators
  • Students

Pricing & Discount

BasicFreeAI chat with PDF, docs, text, Limited usage, Citations
Professional$15/monthUnlimited usage, GPT-4 answers, Advanced security

Sharly Free Version



  • Limited functionality in the free version
  • Advanced features like GPT-4 answers only in Professional plan


  • Data Privacy: Robust security measures including AES-256 encryption for data at rest and TLS 1.3 for data in transit.
  • Usability: User-friendly interface but may require some learning curve for advanced features.
  • Compatibility: Extensive format support, but full features are gated behind the professional plan.

Potential Future Developments

  • Enhanced Mobile Support: Expanding platform availability to iOS and Android.
  • Expanded Integrations: Incorporating additional cloud storage and productivity tools like Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive.
  • Voice Interaction: Introducing voice commands for even easier document interaction.

Experience efficient document management and analysis with Sharly.

Enjoy your free summary generator!

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