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Cleanvoice: AI-Powered Audio Enhancement for Podcasts

AI-Assisted Audio Editing for Podcasts

Cleanvoice AI podcast enhancement


Cleanvoice is an AI-driven tool designed to improve the quality of podcast and audio recordings. It automatically removes filler sounds, stutters, and mouth noises, making the content sound more professional. It is available as a web app, allowing users to upload their audio for processing.

Features & Benefits

  • Filler Words Remover: Identifies and removes filler words like ‘uhh’, ‘um’, and ‘ah’ in multiple languages. Adds room noise to maintain a natural flow.
  • Mouth Sound Remover: Automatically detects and removes distracting mouth noises such as lip smacks and saliva crackles.
  • Stutter Remover: Edits out stuttering elements to make speech sound natural, taking into account the context of the conversation.
  • Deadair Remover: Removes excessively long silences, keeping audience engagement high without making the conversation sound unnatural.
  • Multilingual Support: Can handle multiple languages including English, German, and French, and recognizes various accents.
  • Multi-track Editing: Able to process multiple tracks simultaneously while keeping everything in sync.
  • Context-based Editing: Adjusts pauses based on the context of the audio for natural flow.
  • Integrations: Can be integrated with other audio editing software for more control over edits.
  • Podcast Transcription: Generates accurate transcriptions in multiple languages.
  • Podcast Mixing: Automatic loudness normalization, level balancing, and noise removal.
  • Background Noise Remover: Eliminates any form of background noise, ensuring a clean audio output.

Real-world Applications

Cleanvoice is useful across various sectors where high-quality audio is a necessity. These include podcasting, radio broadcasting, educational lectures, corporate meetings, and transcription services. The tool is also beneficial for content creators who require multi-lingual support or have multiple tracks to edit.

Pricing & Discount

Type of PlanHours ProcessedCostCost per Hour
Free trial30 MinutesFree
Subscription10 Hours10€1€/hour
Subscription30 Hours25€0.83€/hour
Subscription100 Hours80€0.80€/hour
Pay as you Go5 Hours10€2€/hour
Pay as you Go10 Hours18€1.80€/hour
Pay as you Go30 Hours40€1.30€/hour


  • While Cleanvoice adds room noise for natural flow, the algorithm might not perfectly mimic natural speech in all contexts.
  • May require additional manual editing for specialized use-cases or to meet personal preferences.


  • Data Privacy: Users may be concerned about the storage and usage of their uploaded audio.
  • Usability: Some users may find it challenging to integrate Cleanvoice with their preferred audio editing software.
  • Compatibility: The tool might not be fully compatible with all types of audio formats or editing software.

Potential Future Developments

Given the current trajectory and industry trends, Cleanvoice might introduce real-time editing capabilities or enhance its algorithm to automatically detect different types of noise for specialized sectors like healthcare or law enforcement.

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