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Auphonic: Your AI Audio Post Production Tool


Auphonic is a web tool designed to enhance audio quality for various formats like podcasts, education videos, audiobooks, and radio broadcasts. It simplifies the audio post-production process by automatically adjusting levels, reducing noise, and improving clarity, making it easier for creators to produce professional-quality audio.

Features & Benefits

  • Intelligent Leveler: Balances audio levels for consistency.
  • Noise & Reverb Reduction: Cleans up audio by removing unwanted sounds.
  • Filtering & AutoEQ: Enhances sound clarity and removes sibilance.
  • Cut Filler Words and Silence: Automatically removes pauses and filler words.
  • Multitrack Algorithms: Optimizes mixdowns with advanced processing.
  • Loudness Specifications: Ensures audio meets industry standards.
  • Speech2Text & Automatic Shownotes: Offers multilingual transcription and note generation.
  • Video Support, Metadata & Chapters: Enhances podcasts and videos with chapters and visual aids.
  • Automated Workflows & API Integrations: Streamlines publishing across platforms and integrates with external services.

Auphonic Platforms

  • Web app

Auphonic Tasks

  • Balancing audio levels
  • Reducing noise and reverb
  • Removing unwanted frequencies and sibilance
  • Cutting silent segments and filler words
  • Creating optimized audio mixdowns
  • Ensuring compliance with loudness specifications
  • Generating multilingual transcriptions and shownotes
  • Enhancing podcasts and videos with metadata and chapters
  • Automating content deployment and integrating with external workflows

Auphonic Integrations

  • YouTube, Libsyn, PodBean, Soundcloud, Facebook
  • Common file transfer services
  • Zapier interface for workflow automation

Real-world applications

Auphonic is a game-changer for podcasters looking to polish their episodes without diving deep into audio engineering. It’s like having a sound wizard that automatically adjusts everything to perfection. Educators can say goodbye to complaints about poor audio in lecture recordings, making every word crystal clear. For video creators, it’s the secret ingredient to ensuring your masterpiece isn’t let down by subpar sound. Audiobook authors will find their narratives brought to life with pristine audio that captivates listeners from start to finish.

Who is Auphonic for

  • Podcasters
  • Educators
  • Video Creators
  • Audiobook Authors

Pricing & Discount

PlanAudio Hours/MonthPrice
Free2 hours$0
PremiumStarting at 9+ hoursFrom $10/month

Auphonic Free version



The free version limits users to 2 hours of audio per month. Premium features, such as batch productions and watch folders, require a subscription.


Users might worry about data privacy and the learning curve for advanced features. Additionally, the free version’s limitations and the cost of premium plans could be a consideration.

Potential Future Developments

Expanding the AI’s capability to handle more complex audio scenarios and offering more granular control over audio adjustments could enhance user experience. Integration with additional platforms and DAWs would broaden its appeal.

Explore how Auphonic can transform your audio content creation process and make your life easier. Let the magic begin!

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