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AIVA: Your AI Music Generation Assistant

Aiva AI helps you create "emotional soundtrack" music

AIVA stands out as a user-friendly AI music generation assistant designed to democratize the creation of music by leveraging artificial intelligence. This innovative tool empowers users to craft new songs across a wide spectrum of over 250 musical styles swiftly. AIVA’s platform is tailored to accommodate both novices and professionals in the music industry, simplifying the song creation process through its advanced AI capabilities.

Features & Benefits

  • Generates new songs in seconds: AIVA can produce music in 250 different styles rapidly, catering to a diverse range of musical tastes and requirements.
  • Ultimate customizability: Users have the ability to create their own style models, upload audio or MIDI influences, edit generated tracks, and download them in any file format, offering unparalleled flexibility in music creation.
  • No licensing headache: AIVA provides a straightforward path to monetizing music generated with the tool, especially under the Pro Plan, where users can own the full copyright of their compositions indefinitely.
  • Accessible music library: Over 150 tracks generated by the AI music platform and arranged by humans are available for listening, serving as inspiration or examples of the tool’s capabilities.

AIVA Platforms

  • Web app

AIVA Tasks

  • Generate new songs in 250 different styles
  • Create custom style models
  • Upload audio or MIDI influences
  • Edit generated tracks
  • Download tracks in various file formats

AIVA Integrations

  • n/a

Real-world applications

AIVA is a versatile tool that spans across various industries, enhancing productivity and creativity in music production. Music educators can use the AI music generation tool as a teaching aid to demonstrate composition techniques and styles. Independent musicians and producers benefit from the music AI by quickly prototyping song ideas or exploring new genres without the need for extensive resources. Film and game developers can utilize AIVA to generate unique soundtracks tailored to their projects’ moods and themes. Marketing and advertising professionals can create custom jingles or background music for campaigns. Additionally, podcast producers and YouTube content creators can use AIVA to generate bespoke music, enhancing their auditory branding. The tool’s ability to rapidly produce copyright-clear music also makes it an invaluable tool for event organizers needing original background scores.

Who is AIVA for

  • Musicians
  • Music Producers
  • Film and Game Developers
  • Content Creators
  • Educators
  • Podcast Producers
  • Event Organizers
  • Marketing and Advertising Professionals

Pricing & Discount

Plan$/monthCopyrightMonetizationCreditsDownloads per MonthTrack Duration
Free, Forever$0AIVANo monetizationRequired3Up to 3 mins
Standard$16AIVALimited monetizationNot required15Up to 5 mins
Pro Monthly$53YOUFull monetizationNot required300Up to 5 mins 30 secs

AIVA Free version – Available


While AIVA offers broad capabilities in music generation, it may not replicate the nuanced touch of a human composer in certain complex or highly emotional compositions. The tool’s reliance on pre-existing styles for generation could limit truly groundbreaking or genre-defying creations.


Potential concerns for users might include the learning curve associated with mastering AIVA’s features for custom music creation. Another significant consideration is the copyright agreement for free users, where compositions remain the intellectual property of AIVA, possibly affecting users aiming for full ownership without subscribing to higher plans.

Potential Future Developments

Future enhancements could include more granular control over music editing, integration with digital audio workstations (DAWs) for seamless workflow, and expansion of the music style library to include emerging genres. Improved collaboration features for team projects could also enhance its utility.

AIVA invites users to explore the possibilities of AI-driven music creation. Start crafting your unique compositions today!

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