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AIFlowchart: Text to Flowchart Maker


AIFlowchart is a diagram and flowchart maker. The AI tool is designed to convert text into flowcharts and other diagram types quickly and efficiently. Using ChatGPT and Mermaid, it generates unique diagrams every time, offering a creative and varied visual representation of data.

Features & Benefits

  • Fast Diagram Generation: Create diagrams up to 10 times faster from text.
  • Unique Diagrams: Each use generates a different diagram.
  • Diagram Explanations: Provides explanations for each step of the diagram.
  • Multiple Themes: Offers various themes with one customizable option.
  • Diverse Diagram Types: Create flowcharts, graph diagrams, sequence diagrams, and pie charts.
  • Versatile Sources: Generate diagrams from text, PDF files, and blog content.
  • Recreate Diagrams: Easily generate new diagrams if the first set isn’t satisfactory.


  • Web app

AIFlowchart Tasks

  • Generate flowcharts from text
  • Create graph diagrams from PDF files
  • Produce sequence diagrams from blog content
  • Design pie charts from various data sources

AIFlowchart Integrations

  • N/A

Real-world Applications

AIFlowchart is ideal for anyone needing to visualize data quickly. Business analysts can turn reports into flowcharts for easier understanding. Educators can transform lessons into diagrams for better student engagement. Bloggers can use the AI tool to convert posts into visual content to attract more readers. Imagine using AIFlowchart to visualize your workout routine, creating a unique and motivating diagram each time you update your plan.

Who is AIFlowchart for

  • Business analysts
  • Educators
  • Bloggers
  • Students

Pricing & Discount

Pro Annual$19.99/year

AIFlowchart Free version



  • Customization Options: Limited to one customizable theme.
  • Diagram Types: Only supports a few specific types of diagrams.
  • Data Dependency: The accuracy depends on the quality of the input data.


  • Data Privacy: Users might worry about the privacy of their uploaded data.
  • Learning Curve: Initial use might require some learning to understand how to input data effectively.
  • Compatibility: The tool may have compatibility issues with certain file formats.

Potential Future Developments

Potential enhancements could include adding more diagram types, expanding theme customization options, and improving compatibility with a wider range of file formats. Enhanced data privacy measures and more detailed user guides could also be beneficial.

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