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AI2SQL: Text to SQL AI


AI2SQL is a text to SQL AI platform allowing users to generate SQL queries from natural language inputs. It caters to both experienced engineers and beginners, providing an efficient solution to the challenges of SQL query formulation, optimization, and understanding.

Features & Benefits

  • Intuitive SQL Query Generation: Instantly convert natural language to SQL.
  • Code Blocks from Comments: Transform comments into SQL code blocks.
  • Optimized Query Performance: Enhance SQL query efficiency automatically.
  • Query Explanation: Detailed insights into query efficiency.
  • Syntax Checking: Identify and fix syntax errors preemptively.
  • Schema Visualization Aid: ER diagram assistance simplifies database design.
  • Connectors: Integration with Azure, Redshift, BigQuery, Snowflake, and more.
  • SQLbot: A chatbot for generating SQL from conversations about database tables.
  • SQL Utilities: Beautify, optimize, and error-check SQL.
  • Dataset Questions Generation: Generate questions for dataset analysis.
  • Formula Syntax Generator: Convert text to formulas for various platforms.
  • Chrome Extension: Generate SQL queries directly in the browser.
  • ER Diagram Analysis: AI-driven database design support.

AI2SQL Platforms

  • Web app

AI2SQL Tasks

  • Generate SQL queries from natural language
  • Transform comments into SQL code blocks
  • Optimize SQL query performance
  • Provide detailed explanations of SQL queries
  • Check and correct SQL syntax errors
  • Visualize database schemas with ER diagrams
  • Generate analytical questions for datasets
  • Convert natural language to formula syntax for Excel, Airtable, Sheets, & DAX

AI2SQL Integrations

  • Azure
  • Redshift
  • BigQuery
  • Snowflake
  • MySQL
  • Postgres
  • SQL Server

Real-world applications

Imagine a travel agency streamlining their report generation on hotel bookings and revenue, or WBL Bank solving the tension between product managers and data analysts by facilitating self-service SQL query generation with AI2SQL. WordPress developers could use the text to SQL tool to handle complex MySQL queries, while social media apps optimize SQL Server query performance.

And for a bit of fun, picture a Lego enthusiast using the text to SQL AI tool to manage a database of their collection. They could generate queries like, “Show me all red bricks with more than four studs” without knowing a line of SQL.

Who is AI2SQL for

  • Database administrators
  • Software engineers
  • Data analysts
  • Project managers
  • Non-tech savvy individuals looking to interact with databases

Pricing & Discount

PlanPriceQueries per MonthTablesFeatures
Start$9/mo.Up to 100Up to 10Basic utilities, ChatGPT plugin
Pro$19/mo.Up to 300Up to 50Advanced databases support
Business$24/mo.Up to 1,000UnlimitedTeams support, Unlimited queries

AI2SQL Free version

Not available


  • Limited number of SQL queries per month in lower-tier plans
  • Team size restriction in the Business plan


  • Data privacy and security in cloud-hosted databases
  • Usability for complex, non-standard SQL queries
  • Compatibility with all types of databases
  • Cost for small teams or individual users

Potential Future Developments

  • Offline mode for secure, local database management
  • Voice command integration for hands-free SQL query generation (speech to SQL)
  • AI-driven database anomaly detection for enhanced data integrity

Get started with AI2SQL for a more intuitive and efficient SQL management experience.

Explore AI2SQL for effortless text to SQL query generation and optimization, making database management accessible to all.

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