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An AI Tool for Personal Memory and Relationships

Personal AI your personal AI model

Personal is an AI tool that enables users to improve their memory and relationships through personalized AI messaging. It functions as a digital library of users’ private information, indexing and organizing all data and messages automatically. It offers various features, including AI Copilot, AI Autopilot, AI Lounges, and AI Profiles, which allow users to stay connected with their family, friends, and communities. It is built on the user’s individual data and the messages they send, making it a unique and personal tool.

Features of Personal

  1. Personalized AI Messenger: The platform offers a personalized AI messenger that allows users to stay connected with their family, friends, and communities.
  2. AI Copilot: With AI Copilot, users can draft AI-generated replies to messages that they can review and send later.
  3. AI Autopilot: Users can enable AI Autopilot, which responds to messages on their behalf so that they never miss another moment.
  4. Personal AI Lounges: Personal enables users to create lounges where they can chat with friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, and others using their personal AI.
  5. AI Profiles: Users can create different AI Profiles for their family, passions, work, or anything else they choose, giving different people and groups access to different information.
  6. Personal Score: Personal assigns a Personal Score to each AI message that is visible to others, so everyone can feel confident in the way the AI response represents the real user.
  7. Memory Stack: With Personal, users have full control over their Memory Stack to edit, delete, and stack new knowledge, memories, and information they discover.

Benefits of Personal

  1. Improved Memory: The tool allows users to recall every detail of their conversations without endless scrolling or searching.
  2. Enhanced Relationships: The tool helps users stay connected with their family, friends, and communities through personalized AI messaging.
  3. Time-Saving: Personal saves time by drafting replies, responding on behalf of the user, and providing personalized recommendations.

Real-World Applications

Personal can be used in various real-world applications, such as:

  1. Family and Friends: Personal can help users stay connected with their family and friends through personalized messaging, sharing memories and making plans.
  2. Work: Personal can help users stay organized and recall important information from meetings, conversations, and projects.
  3. Education: The AI can help students recall important information from lectures, notes, and textbooks.

Pricing and discounts

Limitations and Concerns

  1. Privacy Concerns: the AI tool accesses and processes a vast amount of personal data, which could be compromised if the platform is hacked or the user’s device is lost or stolen.
  2. Personalization: The AI requires time and effort to adjust, and users must provide enough data for the AI to work effectively.
  3. Reliance on AI: It’s possible that users can become overly reliant on AI-generated responses, leading to a loss of critical thinking and decision-making skills.

Potential Future Developments

  1. Enhanced Integrations: There are plans to integrate with Gmail, Google Calendar, and Zoom to provide more functionality.
  2. Advanced AI Models: more powerful AI models to deliver richer responses and higher Scores.
  3. Customization Options: We could see more customization options for users, such as setting specific AI profiles for different time periods, days of the week, or specific events.

Note: According to their website, the platform is still under development, and they are working on enhancing its features and capabilities. Additionally, has announced that it will have both free and paid versions available once it is released, with the paid version including additional integrations and a custom branded domain. The pricing for the paid version of the AI tool starts at $40 per month, with the free version offering limited access to some of the features available on the platform.

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