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Unicorn Platform: No Code AI Website Builder

AI website builder for directory websites

Unicorn Platform stands out as an AI website builder designed to streamline the process of creating websites. Aimed at users with no design or development background, it offers a straightforward solution for building websites for a variety of purposes, including SaaS, apps, directories, blogs, personal pages, and more. With its emphasis on ease of use, Unicorn Platform positions itself as a go-to tool for startups, solo entrepreneurs, and hackers looking to establish an online presence quickly and efficiently.

Features & Benefits

  • AI-Powered Website Building: Utilize AI to build or modify your website easily through prompts.
  • 100% No Code: Create impactful websites without any coding knowledge.
  • UI & UX-Ready Templates: Access a range of templates that eliminate the need for design skills.
  • Custom Code: For those who want to dive deeper, there’s the option to add custom code.
  • Blog Creation: Engage your audience by adding a blog to your site.
  • Payment Integration: Securely accept payments via Stripe, enhancing the functionality of your e-commerce or subscription-based services.

Unicorn Platform Platforms

  • Web app

Unicorn Platform Tasks

  • Build websites with AI assistance
  • Customize website UI/UX without design skills
  • Add custom code for advanced customization
  • Create and manage a blog, directory or SaaS website
  • Accept payments directly on the website

Unicorn Platform Integrations

  • Mailchimp for email marketing
  • Other popular services upon request

Real-world applications

Unicorn Platform can significantly benefit a wide range of industries by offering a simplified approach to website creation. Startups can quickly launch their online presence, showcasing their products or services without the delay or expense of hiring developers and designers. The AI website builder helps solo entrepreneurs and freelancers to establish professional-looking personal or portfolio sites to attract clients. Educational institutions and non-profits can use it to set up informational websites or blogs with minimal effort. E-commerce businesses can start selling online faster with integrated payment solutions. Additionally, event organizers can quickly create event pages with AI to share information and collect payments or donations.

Who is Unicorn Platform for

  • Startups
  • Solo entrepreneurs
  • Hackers
  • Freelancers
  • Small business owners
  • Non-profits
  • Educational institutions

Pricing & Discount

PlanOriginal PricePublished WebsitesUnicorn BrandingBlog PostsAI Builder
Great 30%+ discounts are available with annual billing.

Unicorn Platform Free version – Available ✅


  • Custom domains are not available in the free version.
  • Limited to one published website and 10 blog posts for free and basic plans.
  • The free plan includes Unicorn branding, which might not suit all business images.
  • Advanced customization requires knowledge of custom code.


Potential users might have concerns regarding the scalability of their website as their business grows, given the plan limitations on the number of websites and collaborators. Data privacy and integration with specific third-party services could also be a consideration for some users. Moreover, while the platform is no-code, adding custom code for advanced features might require technical skills, which could be a barrier for some.

Potential Future Developments

  • Expanding the range of integrations with other marketing tools and services.
  • Offering more templates and customization options to cater to a wider variety of industries.
  • Enhancing the AI capabilities for more personalized and advanced website suggestions according to the niche.

Explore the possibilities with Unicorn Platform and start building your website today to establish a professional online presence with ease.

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