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Switchboard Canvas: Automate Image Production


Switchboard Canvas is a platform designed to automate image production. It combines the power of an API with no-code tools like Zapier and Pabbly Connect. This tool enables users to create, resize, and translate images through a single API call or via no-code integrations.

Features & Benefits

  • Image Generation API: Automate the creation of images with the Switchboard Canvas API, allowing for multiple images to be produced in one API call.
  • Responsive Templates: Create templates that adjust to any size, ensuring images look perfect on any platform.
  • Translation Capabilities: Translate text in images into over 70 languages, making it easy to produce multilingual content.
  • No-Code Integration: Connect to over 3,000 tools and services via Zapier, facilitating easy workflow automation.
  • Airtable and Google Sheets Integration: Generate images directly from data in Airtable or Google Sheets, streamlining content creation for databases.
  • Batch Processing: Produce large quantities of images in a single request, ideal for scaling content production.
  • Template Designer: An intuitive web-based designer to create responsive templates with customizable images, fonts, and text settings.
  • QR Codes and Custom LUTs Support: Enhance images with QR codes and custom LUTs for unique branding and effects.
  • Background Removal API: Seamlessly remove backgrounds from images, perfect for product shots and isolating portraits.
  • AWS S3 Output: Directly store generated images in an AWS S3 bucket for efficient content delivery.
  • PDF Generator: Convert images and text into PDF documents for diverse use cases.

Switchboard Platforms

  • Web app

Switchboard Tasks

  • Automate image generation with API or no-code tools
  • Create multiple images with a single API call
  • Translate text in images into over 70 languages
  • Integrate with Zapier, Airtable, and Google Sheets
  • Batch process images for large-scale production
  • Remove backgrounds from images seamlessly
  • Generate dynamic PDF documents from templates

Switchboard Integrations

  • Zapier
  • Airtable
  • Google Sheets
  • AWS S3

Real-world applications

Switchboard Canvas shines in scenarios where rapid and automated image production is key. For e-commerce stores, it can automate the generation of product shots, removing backgrounds and resizing images for various platforms. Marketing teams can use it to create dynamic ad materials, easily adjusting content for different languages and regions. Content creators benefit from batch processing, making it simpler to produce images for articles, social media, and more.

A creative application? Imagine automating the creation of personalized “Wanted” posters for a pet’s birthday party. Just feed in the photos and let Switchboard Canvas handle the resizing, background removal, and text translation for guests from around the globe.

Who is Switchboard Canvas for

  • Marketers
  • E-commerce store owners
  • Content creators
  • Designers
  • Developers

Pricing & Discount

PlanPriceAPI CallsFeatures
Creator$19/mo1,000QR codes, LUT support
Agency$79/mo10,000Translation, batch image creation, PDF generation, AWS S3 output
Enterprise$299/mo100,000Increased batch sizes, Google Sheets integration

Switchboard Canvas Free version

Not available


  • Limited API calls per plan
  • Batch creation size varies by plan


  • Users must manage API call limits
  • Learning curve for template designer
  • Compatibility with existing workflows

Potential Future Developments

  • Expanding no-code integrations beyond Zapier for more automation options
  • Enhancing template design capabilities for even more customization
  • Introducing more advanced AI features for image editing and optimization

Unleash the power of automated image production with Switchboard Canvas, simplifying and accelerating how you create, manage, and distribute visual content.

Discover how Switchboard Canvas can streamline your image production process today.

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