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Studyable: AI Study and Homework Assistant


Studyable is an AI-powered tool designed to assist with studying and homework tasks. It offers features for solving math problems, browsing the internet, grading essays, creating flashcards, and explaining concepts in simple terms.

Features & Benefits

  • Chat Functionality:
    • Web browsing: Can browse the internet to fetch real-time information and answer questions about web content.
    • Image recognition: Analyzes uploaded images to help with questions related to diagrams or visual data.
    • Math problem solving: Tackles any math question, from basic arithmetic to advanced calculations, providing precise answers.
  • Essay Grader:
    • Personalized feedback: Offers tailored suggestions on essay content and grammar with examples of how to improve.
    • Interactive dialogue: Allows users to ask follow-up questions about the feedback for better understanding and further learning.
    • Marking criteria guidance: Details the criteria met and provides advice on how to address missed elements.
  • Flashcards:
    • Automated creation: Generates complete sets of flashcards from provided notes, textbooks, or syllabi, facilitating effective study habits.
  • Explain:
    • Concept explanations: Delivers clear and straightforward explanations on a wide range of topics, suitable for different learning levels.

Studyable Platforms

Windows, Mac, web app

Studyable Tasks

  • Solve math problems with AI
  • Grade essays with AI
  • Create flashcards with AI
  • Explain concepts with AI

Studyable Integrations


Real-world applications

Students often struggle with managing multiple subjects. Each homework assignment requires different study approach and resources. Studyable serves as a single platform that simplifies these tasks. For instance, a student preparing for exams can generate flashcards for quick revision, solve math problems instantly, and get essay feedback without waiting for tutor availability. Similarly, someone learning a new subject can get straightforward explanations and validate their understanding by browsing related information on the web.

What if you use the AI app to instantly create a set of flashcards for every character in “Game of Thrones” — not just for studying but to finally keep track of who’s who in Westeros!

Who is Studyable for

  • Students
  • Lifelong learners
  • Educators
  • Academic professionals

Pricing & Discount

FreeLimited use, ads$0
ProUnlimited use, no ads$5.99/month

Studyable Free version



  • Free version limits functionality and includes ads.
  • No mobile app available.


  • Data privacy and security when using the web browsing feature.
  • The effectiveness of feedback provided by the Essay Grader.
  • Compatibility and accessibility without mobile support.

Potential Future Developments

Expanding Studyable to include a mobile app would greatly enhance accessibility and convenience for users. Additionally, integrating with educational platforms like Google Classroom or Canvas could streamline its use in academic settings.

Find out how Studyable can transform your learning experience today!

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