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SlidesAI: AI Presentation Maker


SlidesAI is a tool designed to simplify the creation of presentation slides by leveraging artificial intelligence. It enables users to generate professional and engaging slides from text in seconds, eliminating the need for extensive design skills or manual effort. With SlidesAI, users can install the tool for Google Slides, input their text, and quickly receive a fully formed presentation. The tool supports a vast array of languages and offers features such as text to presentation, topic to presentation (currently in private beta), customization options, and the ability to export slides as videos.

Features & Benefits

  • Text to Presentation: Automatically converts input text into a presentation.
  • Topic to Presentation (Private Beta): Generates a presentation based on a provided topic.
  • Supports 100+ Languages: Accommodates users worldwide with multilingual support.
  • Customization Options: Offers pre-designed color and font presets for personalizing presentations.
  • 1.5M Premium Stock Images: Access to a vast library of high-quality images.
  • Export Slides as Video (Coming Soon): Allows presentations to be turned into videos.
  • Paraphrase Sentences: Enhances the uniqueness and engagement of sentences.
  • Search Citations & Icons: Helps find citations for slide content and customize hundreds of different icons.

SlidesAI Platforms

  • Google Slides (required)
  • Web app

SlidesAI Tasks

  • Create presentation slides from text
  • Generate presentations from topics
  • Customize presentations with color and font presets
  • Access and insert premium stock images
  • Paraphrase sentences for unique content
  • Search for citations and icons

SlidesAI Integrations

  • n/a

Real-world applications

SlidesAI is particularly beneficial for educators, students, business professionals, and marketing teams. It streamlines the process of creating presentations for academic purposes, business meetings, marketing pitches, and any scenario where conveying information through slides is essential. This tool can save valuable time for researchers presenting their findings, sales teams crafting pitches for clients, or teachers preparing lesson materials. Additionally, non-profit organizations can utilize SlidesAI to create compelling presentations for fundraising or awareness campaigns. The ability to quickly generate and customize presentations makes SlidesAI a valuable asset in any field where communication and presentation are key.

Who is SlidesAI for

  • Educators
  • Students
  • Business Professionals
  • Marketing Teams
  • Researchers
  • Sales Teams
  • Non-profit Organizations

Pricing & Discount

PlanPricePresentations/monthCharacter Input/PresentationAI Credits/monthVideo Export/month
Basic$032500101 (Coming Soon)
Pro$101060005010 (Coming Soon)
Premium$20Unlimited1200010020 (Coming Soon)

SlidesAI Free version



While SlidesAI simplifies presentation creation, its reliance on Google Slides might limit users preferring other platforms. Additionally, the “Topic to Presentation” feature is in private beta, restricting access for many users. The upcoming features like video export and document upload are not yet available, potentially limiting its immediate utility for some.


Potential concerns for SlidesAI users include the accuracy and relevance of automatically generated content, the need for manual adjustments to ensure presentations meet specific requirements, and the tool’s effectiveness across all supported languages. Data privacy and security of the content processed by the AI may also be a concern for sensitive or proprietary information.

Potential Future Developments

Expanding compatibility with other presentation platforms such as Microsoft PowerPoint could significantly enhance SlidesAI’s utility. Improvements in AI to better understand context and nuances in the provided text could lead to higher-quality presentations. Additionally, introducing more advanced customization features and interactive elements could make presentations more engaging.

Try SlidesAI today to transform your text into professional presentations effortlessly.

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