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Sintra: AI Workers


Sintra offers a suite of AI workers or AI assistants designed to handle various tasks across social media management, customer support, SEO optimization, business consultancy, and more. Each assistant is tailored to specific roles, automating routine tasks and enhancing productivity.

Features & Benefits

Sintra offers 12 AI workers who are experts in different areas. Under the hood we have the latest GPT-4o by OpenAI.


Social media manager
AI worker that creates social media posts and images customized for your brand, revamps your social strategy for better engagement, boosts social presence by increasing activity.


SEO specialist
AI worker that writes SEO blog posts to improve search engine rankings, conducts comprehensive SEO audits, researches high-value keywords, optimizes web pages, monitors backlinks, and improves site structure.


Email marketer
AI worker that creates engaging welcome emails, builds targeted email flows, enhances post-purchase experiences, organizes email campaigns, generates fresh email content, and re-engages past customers.


AI worker that writes compelling Facebook ads, scripts persuasive video ads, composes engaging email newsletters, creates high-converting landing pages, authors SEO-friendly blog posts, and crafts various promotional materials.


Executive assistant
AI worker that manages visual content, plans business trips, drafts correspondence, coordinates meetings, facilitates project management, and offloads routine tasks.


Personal assistant
AI worker that plans personalized meals, assists with academic strategies, organizes customized workout plans, tracks personal goals, offers motivational support, and helps plan daily activities.


Business consultant
AI worker that provides business consultations, generates tailored business and marketing strategies, manages stakeholder relationships, analyzes competitors, and business ideas.


Data analyst
AI worker that analyzes market trends, optimizes operational efficiency, predicts customer behavior, improves budget allocation, monitors financial health, and generates automated balance sheets.


E-commerce manager
AI worker that writes converting landing pages, creates product descriptions, gathers and organizes customer testimonials, identifies bestsellers, analyzes Shopify store performance, and calculates product profit margins.


Sales assistant
AI worker that generates engaging call scripts, drafts effective cold emails, builds compelling sales proposals, develops sales strategies, advises on negotiation tactics, and boosts team morale.


Recruiting specialist
AI worker that screens resumes, generates outreach emails, plans interviews, facilitates onboarding, writes job descriptions, and advises on hiring strategies.


Customer support assistant
AI worker that responds to customer emails efficiently, manages live chats, replies to social media comments, updates product manuals and FAQs, generates support reports, and alleviates manual work in customer support.

Sintra Platforms

Web app

Sintra Tasks

  • Create social media posts
  • Generate images
  • Respond to customer emails
  • Write SEO blog posts
  • Analyze market trends
  • Generate business strategies
  • Create email campaigns
  • Produce promotional materials
  • Plan meals and workouts
  • Develop sales strategies
  • Manage visual content
  • Screen resumes

Sintra Integrations


Real-World Applications

Sintra offers AI tools that can transform how businesses manage their daily operations. For instance, a small business owner can use Soshie to manage and enhance their social media presence without hiring a full-time social media manager. Cassie can handle customer support, ensuring timely and efficient responses to customer queries. For companies looking to improve their online visibility, Seomi offers comprehensive SEO services, from writing optimized blog posts to conducting thorough SEO audits.

Imagine a startup using Buddy for strategic business advice, helping them refine their approach and launch new products successfully. Dexter can provide valuable market insights and optimize operational efficiency, crucial for staying competitive. In a humorous twist, you could even have Gigi plan your meals while Vizzy manages your business trips, making your work-life balance a breeze.

Who is Sintra for

  • Small business owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Marketing teams
  • Customer support teams
  • SEO specialists
  • Sales teams
  • HR departments
  • Individuals looking to improve personal productivity

Pricing & Discount

PlanPrice (Monthly)Price (Annually)
Individual Helper$39$390
Sintra X (All Helpers)$97$970

Sintra Free version

Not available


  • No free version available.
  • Limited to web app platform.
  • Integrations not available.


  • Data privacy: Ensuring user data is handled securely.
  • Usability: Users may need time to familiarize themselves with different assistants.
  • Compatibility: Currently available only as a web app.
  • Learning curve: Users might need guidance to maximize the tool’s potential.

Potential Future Developments

  • Multiple files upload to Brain AI: Enhance data input capabilities.
  • In-Chat Web Browsing Support: Live browsing for better context.
  • PDF Support: Allow PDF uploads for contextual information.
  • Improved Chat UX: Features like message stopping, feedback, and editing.
  • In-Chat Tools Executions: Direct task execution within chat.
  • In-chat Knowledge Filling: Dynamic knowledge base evolving with interactions.
  • Inter-Helper Communication: Seamless collaboration between helpers for complex tasks.

Transform your business operations with Sintra’s AI-driven digital assistants. Explore how these AI tools can automate tasks and enhance productivity.

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