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Scenario: Game Asset Creation with Custom AI Models

Scenario game assets AI


Scenario is a cutting-edge platform designed for game studios, offering the ability to create custom-trained AI models for game asset generation. This tool is primarily a web application that integrates seamlessly into various workflows and game engines. It enables studios to generate style-consistent, fully controllable game assets quickly, revolutionizing the traditional game development process.

Features & Benefits

  • Custom AI Model Training: Train AI models with your unique art styles, ensuring assets align perfectly with your game’s aesthetic.
  • Advanced Image Generation: Generate up to 16 images per batch with comprehensive settings, enhancing creativity and productivity.
  • Composition Control: Fine-tune AI outputs for precise control over the visual elements in your game assets.
  • Canvas Tool: A versatile tool for modifying and extending AI-generated images, offering features like masking and sketching.
  • Cross-Platform Integration: Seamlessly integrate Scenario into game engines like Unity and enable player-generated content through its API.

Scenario Tasks

  • Custom training of AI models
  • Generation of style-consistent game assets
  • Fine-tuning and adjusting AI outputs
  • Creation of various visual styles (e.g., anime, realism, pixel art)
  • Integration with game engines for asset creation

Scenario Integrations

  • Unity game engine
  • API for various programming languages
  • Scenario Discord Bot for community engagement
  • Mobile app for on-the-go asset creation

Real-world applications

Scenario is beneficial across the gaming industry, particularly for game studios and independent developers. It streamlines the asset creation process, significantly reducing development time. This tool is ideal for creating diverse art styles, from anime to realism, ensuring a unique aesthetic for each game. Marketing teams can leverage Scenario to quickly produce promotional materials, while game designers can experiment with different visual concepts efficiently. Its API integration allows for dynamic, player-generated content, enhancing the gaming experience. Additionally, educational institutions focusing on game design can use Scenario for teaching modern, AI-powered asset creation techniques.

Who is Scenario for

  • Game Developers
  • Graphic Artists
  • Game Design Students
  • Marketing Teams in Gaming Studios
  • Independent Game Creators

Pricing & Discount

PlanPrice (per seat/year)Image AllowanceTraining ImagesGenerator StorageSupport Level
StarterFreeLimited15Curated GeneratorsCommunity
Essential$290500 images/mo.5020Standard
Pro$9902,000 images/mo.50100Enhanced
Premium$1,9905,000 images/mo.100UnlimitedAdvanced

Scenario Free version – Available


  • The free version offers limited features and processing priority.
  • Training custom models requires gathering and uploading substantial training data.
  • Some advanced features may have a learning curve for new users.


Users might be concerned about data privacy, especially when uploading original art for training. The usability might be challenging for those unfamiliar with AI tools. Compatibility with all game engines and design software might not be comprehensive.

Potential Future Developments

Scenario might expand its integration with more game engines and design software, enhancing its usability. Future developments could include more user-friendly interfaces for non-technical users and enhanced AI capabilities for even more precise control over asset generation.

Try Scenario now and transform your game development process with AI-powered, style-consistent asset creation.

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