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Resume Worded: AI-Enhanced Resume and LinkedIn Profile Optimization

Resume Worded Linkedin and resume optimizer AI


Resume Worded is an AI-powered platform designed to improve resumes and LinkedIn profiles. Developed by top recruiters, this tool offers tailored feedback, aiming to significantly increase the chances of landing interviews and job offers. The platform is geared towards professionals, graduates, and students seeking to enhance their career prospects.

Features & Benefits

Resume Worded provides a range of features for career advancement:

  • AI-Powered Resume Checker: Offers instant, expert feedback on resumes, scoring them on key criteria set by recruiters and hiring managers.
  • Targeted Resume: Analyzes job descriptions and suggests critical keywords and skills to include in resumes.
  • LinkedIn Profile Review: Gives detailed tips to improve LinkedIn profiles, increasing visibility and opportunities.
  • AI Cover Letter Generator: Creates personalized cover letters, tailored to specific job applications.

Benefits of these features include:

  • Increased interview opportunities through optimized resumes.
  • Tailored job application materials for specific job listings.
  • Improved online professional presence on LinkedIn.
  • Time-saving tools for job application preparation.

Resume Worded Tasks

  • Scoring and improving resumes with AI-driven feedback.
  • Tailoring resumes to specific job descriptions for ATS compatibility.
  • Enhancing LinkedIn profiles for better visibility and networking.
  • Generating personalized cover letters for job applications.

Resume Worded Integrations

  • Compatibility with common resume formats for upload and review.
  • Integration with LinkedIn for profile optimization.

Real-world applications

Resume Worded is valuable for job seekers across various industries, helping them to stand out in competitive job markets. It’s also beneficial for career changers and students entering the workforce, offering them insights to present their skills effectively.

Who is Resume Worded for

  • Experienced Professionals
  • Recent Graduates
  • Job Seekers
  • Students

Pricing & Discount

Plan TypePriceFeatures
Monthly$49/monthAccess to all tools
Quarterly$33/monthBilled $99 every 3 months
One Year$19/monthFull year access for $229

All plans include LinkedIn optimization, resume review, ATS-optimized templates, and more.

Resume Worded Free version



  • AI feedback may not capture nuanced aspects of different industries.
  • Resume and LinkedIn optimization may require user interpretation for best results.
  • Dependency on specific job descriptions for targeted resume optimization.


Potential concerns with Resume Worded include:

  • Reliance on AI analysis which may not always align with human recruiters’ perspectives.
  • Privacy and data security for personal information and documents uploaded to the platform.

Potential Future Developments

Future enhancements for Resume Worded may involve:

  • Integration with more social and professional platforms for broader profile optimization.
  • Advanced AI algorithms for more personalized and industry-specific advice.
  • Expansion of cover letter and resume templates to cater to a wider range of job roles.

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