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Promethean: AI Virtual World Creation

Promethean AI game world creation


Promethean is a robust artificial intelligence suite specializing in digital asset management and virtual world creation. Launched in 2019, it is trusted by prominent video game developers worldwide to enhance creative workflows and automate routine tasks.

Features & Benefits

  • Virtual World Creation

Promethean’s primary function is to facilitate the creation of immersive and detailed virtual worlds, giving creators the opportunity to realize their unique vision.

  • Digital Asset Management

The platform assists in managing and organizing digital assets efficiently, eliminating the hassle of manual organization and tracking.

  • Automated Mundane Tasks

By automating routine tasks, Promethean allows creators to concentrate on the core creative process, enhancing productivity and innovation.

The main benefit of Promethean AI is the liberation of creative potential. By taking over mundane tasks and managing digital assets, it enables creators to focus on the artistic elements of their projects. Moreover, it streamlines workflows, saving time and resources in the creative process.

Real-World Applications

AI is heavily utilized in the video game industry, assisting developers in creating complex and engaging virtual environments. By facilitating the management of digital assets and automating repetitive tasks, it aids in accelerating the development process and improving the quality of the final product.


Computer Vision AI Asset Management
Promethean Browser and Palettes
Number of Managed Assets1,000100,000
Sharing a Project with a Team
Cloud Storage for Assets
Private Database and Storage Infrastructure
Scripting API Access/Full Customization
AI world-building
Cost monthlyFree$10$50Custom
Cost yearlyFree$110$500Custom

Limitations and Concerns

The current limitations of Promethean include restricted functionality in the public versions compared to the full enterprise version. As for potential concerns, as with any AI platform, there may be challenges regarding data privacy and the adaptation of AI technology.

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