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NovelAI: AI Storytelling

NovelAI helps you write stories


NovelAI is an AI storytelling platform. The AI tool assists users in creating and illustrating stories. It allows creation of themed, fantasy worlds with custom plots and AI generated images.

Features & Benefits

  • AI Storytelling: Uses AI to help write stories in the style or theme of your choice.
  • Custom AI Modules: Train the AI on specific themes or replicate the styles of famous writers.
  • Image Generation: Create visual representations of characters and scenes.
  • High Memory Capacity: Aiding in longer narrative coherence.
  • Text and Style Adaptability: Customize the AI’s output to maintain personal style and perspective.
  • Lorebook: A feature for world-building, ensuring the AI adheres to the created world’s rules.
  • Import Legacy Stories: Ability to continue stories from AI Dungeon Content Archive Toolkit and AI Dungeon Writing Implements.

NovelAI Platforms

Windows, Mac, web app

NovelAI Tasks

  • Generate stories in specific author styles
  • Create themed narratives
  • Illustrate stories with AI-generated images
  • Customize AI behavior and memory

NovelAI Integrations


Real-world applications

NovelAI is a tool that can transform anyone into a storyteller. For example, a beginner writer can start crafting complex tales guided by AI, while a seasoned novelist might use it to explore new genres without the initial heavy lifting of extensive research. Teachers can employ NovelAI to engage students in creative writing classes, making each assignment a fun and interactive session. Beyond literature, game developers can use the platform to design narrative arcs or script dialogues for characters.

Even historians could utilize NovelAI to reimagine historical events from various perspectives, ensuring educational material is both engaging and informative. And who knows? Maybe one day, your AI-generated pet detective story might just get picked up for a series where furry friends solve mysteries with the aid of AI-illustrated clues!

Who is NovelAI for

  • Writers
  • Educators
  • Game Developers
  • Creative Hobbyists

Pricing & Discount

PlanPriceTokens of MemoryAnlasImage Generation
Tablet$10/mo30721000/monthStandard Access
Scroll$15/mo61441000/monthStandard Access
Opus$25/mo819210,000/monthUnlimited** sizes

NovelAI Free version

Not available

The AI storytelling platform offers a free trial.


  • NovelAI requires a continuous subscription for access.
  • AI-generated content may require user editing to fine-tune details or adhere to personal style fully.


  • Data privacy: Ensuring user-generated content remains confidential.
  • Usability: Adapting to the tool’s features might require a learning curve.

Potential Future Developments

  • Advanced Editing Tools: Integrating editing tools that suggest improvements or corrections directly in the platform could help users refine their stories more efficiently.
  • Collaborative Features: Enabling multiple users to work on a single project simultaneously could be useful for co-authoring, educational settings, or team-based storytelling projects.
  • Expanded Language Support: Offering the platform in multiple languages would make it accessible to a broader audience, allowing non-English speakers to use the tool effectively.
  • AI-Driven Plot Suggestions: Implementing a feature that suggests plot developments based on the current narrative could provide creative inspiration and help overcome writer’s block.
  • Increased Customization for Image Generation: Allowing more detailed customizations in the image generation process, such as controlling more aspects of character appearance and scene settings, could enhance visual storytelling.

Try NovelAI today and bring your stories to life!

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