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Ideogram AI Image Generator


Ideogram is an AI-powered tool that transforms text into images. The AI image generator allows users to create, browse, and customize images by simply describing what they want to see. This AI app caters to various creative needs, from quick ideation to detailed image creation.

Features & Benefits

  • Text-to-Image Generation: Create images by describing what you want in the prompt box.
  • Multiple Images: Generates four images at a time using GPUs.
  • User Actions: Pin, like, set private, retry, remix, edit, share, and download images.
  • Aspect Ratios & Resolutions: Choose different aspect ratios based on the model version.
  • Image Upload (Plus Plan): Upload and manipulate your own images.
  • Describe Feature: Detailed description of generated or uploaded images.
  • Seed Number: Unique identifier for consistent image reproduction.
  • Rendering Levels: Fast, Default, and Quality rendering options.
  • Negative Prompt: Guide the AI away from unwanted content.
  • Style Tags: Specify artistic styles like Anime, Architecture, or Wildlife Photography.
  • Remix: Modify and reuse existing images with new prompts.
  • Magic Prompt: Enhances prompts (multilingual) for varied and beautiful images.
  • Editor: Crop, resize, and tweak images for desired outcomes.
  • Private Generations (Plus Plan): Generate private images viewable only by you.


Web app

Ideogram Tasks

  • Generate images from text
  • Edit images
  • Upload and manipulate images
  • Describe image content
  • Use style tags to influence artistic style
  • Adjust rendering settings
  • Private image generation



Real-world Applications

Ideogram is beneficial in various scenarios. Graphic designers can quickly generate mockups for client presentations. Marketers can use the AI image generator to create eye-catching visuals for campaigns. Educators can illustrate concepts to make lessons more engaging. Bloggers can use Ideogram to enhance posts with custom images. A fun example: Use Ideogram to visualize your dreams by describing them to the AI.

Who is Ideogram for

  • Graphic designers
  • Marketers
  • Educators
  • Bloggers

Pricing & Discount

FeaturesFree PlanBasic PlanPlus PlanPro Plan
Monthly PriceFree$8/mo$20/mo$60/mo
Standard Generation100 images/day400 images/dayUnlimitedUnlimited
Priority Generation1,600 images/mo4,000 images/mo12,000 images/mo

Ideogram Free Version



  • Image uploads and some features only available with Plus plan
  • Limited generation capacity in Free and Basic plans
  • Private generation feature restricted to Plus plan


  • Data privacy: Images and prompts are stored on remote servers.
  • Usability: Some features are not intuitive for new users.
  • Compatibility: Only available as a web app.
  • Cost: Higher plans can be expensive for casual users.
  • Learning curve: Advanced features require some learning.

Potential Future Developments

  • Mobile App: Expanding to Android and iOS for on-the-go creation.
  • Collaboration Features: Allowing multiple users to work on projects simultaneously.
  • More Integrations: Integrate with popular graphic design tools like Adobe Photoshop.

Discover the potential of Ideogram for all your creative needs. Generate unique images effortlessly and enhance your projects with custom visuals.

The free AI image generator lets you craft 100 images daily!

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