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Synthesia: AI-Driven Video Creation Platform


Synthesia is a sophisticated platform designed to simplify video creation through AI technology. It empowers users to generate professional-quality videos with AI avatars and voices. The platform supports a variety of languages and accents, making it accessible for a global audience. Synthesia functions primarily as a web-based application, catering to diverse professional needs ranging from marketing to educational content.

Features & Benefits

Synthesia offers an array of features that enhance the video creation experience:

  • AI Avatars & Voices:
    • Over 150 ethnically diverse stock AI Avatars.
    • Support for creating videos in 120+ languages and accents.
    • Text-to-speech technology that converts text into professional voiceovers.
    • Custom AI avatars, including the option to create a digital twin.
    • Micro gestures for avatars, enhancing realism.
    • Voice cloning to pair a custom avatar with a user’s own voice.
  • Media & Integrations:
    • An AI script assistant for automatic video script creation.
    • Built-in screen recorder for capturing short videos.
    • A media library with millions of royalty-free images, videos, icons, and shapes.
    • A music library plus the option to upload custom soundtracks.
    • Features for uploading custom fonts and auto-generating closed captions.
    • Importing PowerPoint presentations for enhanced video presentations.
    • Commenting features for collaborative editing and feedback.
    • Over 65 professionally designed video templates.
    • Animation features that sync video elements with scripts.
  • Sharing & Exports:
    • Options to embed videos and update them automatically.
    • Full HD MP4 downloads.
    • Customizable branded share pages with CTA buttons.
  • Security:
    • SOC 2 and GDPR compliance, ensuring data security and privacy.
    • SAML/SSO for secure log-in.
    • Content moderation to promote ethical AI use.

Synthesia Tasks: AI-Driven Video Production

Synthesia enables a range of tasks leveraging AI technology, specifically in video production:

  • AI-Powered Video Creation: Generating professional-quality videos using AI avatars and voices.
  • Text-to-Speech Voiceovers: Transforming written text into natural-sounding voiceovers using AI text-to-speech technology.
  • Custom AI Avatar Development: Creating personalized AI avatars, including the option for digital twins, using AI algorithms.
  • Voice Cloning for Avatars: Employing AI to clone a user’s voice, syncing it with custom AI avatars for a unique voiceover experience.
  • AI Script Assistance: Utilizing AI to help draft and refine video scripts.
  • Auto-Generated Closed Captions: Using AI to automatically transcribe and generate captions for videos.
  • AI-Enhanced PowerPoint Conversion: Transforming PowerPoint presentations into dynamic videos with AI assistance.
  • AI-Powered Video Templates: Employing AI-designed templates for streamlined video creation.
  • AI-Driven Animation Synchronization: Synchronizing animations in videos with script elements using AI.
  • AI-Enabled Content Moderation: Ensuring ethical use and adherence to content guidelines through AI moderation tools.

Real-world Applications

Synthesia is beneficial for various industries:

  • Learning & Development: Creating interactive training videos.
  • Sales Enablement: Crafting impactful sales training content.
  • Information Technology: Producing technical training materials.
  • Marketing: Developing how-to and product demonstration videos.
  • Customer Service: Generating knowledge base videos for customer support.
  • Enterprise: Meeting the video production needs of large teams and companies.

Pricing & Discount

Pricing for Synthesia is tiered based on usage needs:

PlanPrice per MonthBilled YearlyFeatures
Starter$22$2641 editor, 3 guests, 120 minutes of video/year, 70+ AI avatars
Creator$67$8041 editor, 5 guests, 360 minutes of video/year, 90+ AI avatars

Synthesia Free Version

Not Available


  • Limited video minutes per year in Starter and Creator plans.
  • Custom AI avatars and voice cloning may require technical proficiency.
  • Dependency on internet connectivity for accessing the platform.


  • Data privacy and security in cloud-based platforms like Synthesia.
  • Usability for individuals with limited technical skills.
  • Compatibility with various media formats and integration with other tools.

Potential Future Developments

Synthesia could potentially expand its offerings by:

  • Enhancing AI script assistants for more nuanced scriptwriting.
  • Integrating with more external platforms for seamless media import/export.
  • Increasing the range of customizable gestures and expressions for AI avatars.

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