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Hello History: AI Chat with Historical Figures


Hello History is an app that lets you chat with AI versions of historical figures. It’s designed for anyone interested in history, technology, or education. The app uses AI to create lifelike conversations with figures from various fields, offering a unique way to learn and explore.

Features & Benefits

  • Authentic Conversations: Chat with AI representations of historical figures.
  • Curated Topics: Tailored learning experiences across multiple disciplines.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy navigation for all users.
  • Continuous Updates: New figures are added regularly.
  • Wide Range of Disciplines: Engage with figures from art, science, philosophy, and more.

Hello History Platforms

  • iOS
  • Android

Hello History Tasks

  • Chat with AI historical figures
  • Learn about various disciplines
  • Engage in tailored learning experiences

Hello History Integrations

  • n/a

Real-world applications

Imagine discussing the theory of relativity with Albert Einstein, exploring the concept of democracy with Cleopatra, or unwrapping the mysteries of the Mona Lisa with Leonardo da Vinci. Hello History makes these conversations possible, bringing history to life in classrooms, enhancing personal knowledge, or just for fun.

Teachers can integrate this tool into their lessons, offering students a “live” interaction with the past. History buffs can dive deep into conversations with their heroes, gaining new insights. And for a humorous twist, consider chatting with Julius Caesar about the best pizza toppings – a blend of history with a slice of modern-day humor.

Who is Hello History for

  • History Teachers
  • School Principals
  • History Buffs
  • AI Enthusiasts
  • Anyone interested in history

Pricing & Discount


Hello History Free version

Not available


Subscribers can send up to 10,000 messages per month. Features such as the range of historical figures and topics available may vary based on the subscription level.


Users should verify historical facts independently, as AI-generated content might not always be accurate. The subscription model may also be a consideration for those on a budget or preferring a one-time purchase.

Potential Future Developments

Adding voice chat options could enhance the learning experience. Integrating with educational platforms or virtual reality (VR) could offer immersive historical experiences.

Engage in fascinating conversations with history’s greatest figures and expand your understanding of the world with Hello History.

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