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Cursor: AI Code Editor in VS Code

Cursor AI Code Editor


Cursor is an AI-powered code editor designed to significantly accelerate the software development process. Integrating advanced AI capabilities into its core functionality, Cursor transforms the traditional coding experience by enabling more efficient and intelligent code editing and problem-solving. Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, this platform blends the familiar environment of code editing with the innovative integration of AI, making it a versatile tool for developers.

Features & Benefits

  • Command K: This feature allows users to edit and write code directly with AI assistance. It optimizes code editing for selections between 1 and 50 lines, providing a balance between granularity and context.
  • Chat: Offers the ability to converse with an AI that understands your codebase, enhancing the debugging process and code comprehension.
  • @ Symbols: Simplifies showing code to the AI, enabling efficient generation of code with specific dependencies or queries about certain files.
  • Codebase Answers: This feature allows for broader inquiries about the entire codebase, facilitating a more comprehensive understanding of complex coding structures.
  • Docs: Enhances AI’s comprehension of third-party libraries and enables custom documentation crawling.
  • Auto-Debug: A feature designed to assist in fixing errors, automatically investigating and suggesting solutions.
  • Fix Lints: Helps in quickly addressing lint errors, an essential aspect of maintaining code quality and readability.

Real-world applications

Cursor is particularly beneficial for industries heavily reliant on software development, such as technology, finance, and e-commerce. Its AI-driven features can streamline the coding process, aiding in quicker development cycles, and more efficient debugging. This tool is ideal for developers working on complex projects requiring frequent reference to documentation and large codebases. Furthermore, it can serve as a valuable asset for educational purposes, helping learners understand code structure and debugging techniques.

Pricing & Discount

BasicFree50 slow GPT-4 uses, 200 GPT-3.5 uses per month, AI-powered code editor, Private Data Controls
Pro$20/month500 fast GPT-4 uses, Unlimited slow GPT-4 uses, Unlimited GPT-3.5 uses
Business$40/user/monthEverything in Pro, Centralized billing, Enforce privacy mode, OpenAI zero-data retention

Additional options include using an OpenAI key for at-cost usage and potential future self-hosting.


Cursor’s reliance on AI for code editing and debugging might not always align perfectly with highly specific or nuanced programming requirements. Additionally, the tool’s effectiveness can vary depending on the complexity and language of the codebase.


Users might have concerns about data privacy and the security of their code. While Cursor offers a privacy mode ensuring code isn’t stored on servers, understanding and trusting these features is crucial for users handling sensitive information. Compatibility with existing workflows and the learning curve associated with adopting a new tool are other potential concerns.

Potential Future Developments

Considering industry trends, Cursor might evolve to support a wider range of programming languages and integrate more deeply with other development tools and platforms. Enhancements in AI accuracy and context understanding could be expected, along with features that facilitate collaborative coding in real-time.

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