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Crypto Hopper: AI Trading Bot for Crypto

Streamlining Crypto Trading with AI

AI crypto trading bots by CryptoHopper

Explore the world of automated cryptocurrency trading with Crypto Hopper, a platform designed to simplify and enhance your trading experience.


Crypto Hopper is a comprehensive crypto trading bot that automates the trading process. It’s a platform that allows users to manage their cryptocurrency portfolio, perform trades, and utilize advanced trading strategies without constant monitoring. This tool is available as a web application, catering to both new and experienced traders in the cryptocurrency market.

Features & Benefits

  • Automated Trading: Automates trading strategies, removing emotions from trading decisions.
  • Portfolio Management: Centralize control over various exchange accounts for convenient management.
  • Trailing Features: Tracks price movements and executes trades based on specific trends.
  • Copy Trading: Enables users to mimic strategies and trades of experienced traders.
  • Strategy Builder: Offers over 130 technical indicators for creating custom trading strategies.
  • Backtesting: Test strategies using historical data to gauge effectiveness.
  • Pro Tools: Includes advanced tools like DCA, Market-Making, and Arbitrage.
  • Trading Features: Comprehensive set of tools including Trailing features, Stop-Loss, and Take Profit options.

Crypto Hopper Tasks

  • Automated and manual trading
  • Portfolio management across exchanges
  • Strategy creation and backtesting
  • Copy trading from expert traders
  • Market arbitrage and market making
  • Real-time crypto trading analysis and adjustments

Crypto Hopper Integrations

  • Integration with major exchanges like Binance, Coinbase Pro, and OKEx
  • Support for third-party apps to enhance functionality

Real-world Applications

Crypto Hopper is beneficial across various sectors:

  • Individual Investors: Streamlines trading for personal crypto investments.
  • Day Traders: Enhances day trading with automated strategies and real-time adjustments.
  • Financial Advisors: Aids in managing client portfolios with diverse strategies.
  • Fintech Companies: Integrates automated trading into broader financial platforms.
  • Educational Institutions: Useful for teaching trading strategies and market analysis.
  • Crypto Enthusiasts: Helps explore and experiment with different trading styles in the crypto market.

Who is Crypto Hopper for

  • Day Traders
  • Crypto Investors
  • Financial Advisors
  • Fintech Enthusiasts
  • Trading Beginners
  • Crypto Educators

Pricing & Discount

Crypto Hopper offers various pricing tiers:

PlanPrice/MonthOpen PositionsStrategy Interval ChecksEvent-Based TriggersAI Strategies
Explorer$29.008010 min2
Adventurer$69.002005 min5
Hero$129.005002 min10Available

Crypto Hopper Free version



  • Complex for beginners.
  • Some advanced features only in higher-tier plans.
  • Relies on market conditions, with no guaranteed profits.


  • Data Privacy: Ensure API keys are secure.
  • Usability: Might be overwhelming for new users.
  • Market Dependency: Success dependent on volatile crypto markets.

Potential Future Developments

  • Enhanced AI capabilities.
  • Expansion of supported exchanges.
  • More intuitive interfaces for beginners.
  • Advanced risk management features.

Try Crypto Hopper today for a streamlined crypto trading experience.

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