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ChatGPT for Outlook: Customizing Email Management with AI

Enhance your e-mails with ChatGPT for Outlook


ChatGPT for Outlook is an add-in that integrates with your Microsoft 365 account to help you manage and process your emails through custom prompts. This browser extension allows you to use your ChatGPT API key to automate email tasks like summarizing, highlighting, and flagging priority messages.

Features & Benefits

  • Simple Setup: Copy the Manifest URL into your custom add-in link in Outlook and enter your ChatGPT API key.
  • Custom Prompts: Allows you to set up your own prompts to guide ChatGPT in generating summaries or highlights based on your needs.
  • Relevant Information: Choose to process specific sections of an email, such as the body, subject, or attachments, to focus on information that’s important to you.
  • Separate Window: The generated output can be displayed in a separate window, making it easier to compare and identify essential information.
  • Flag Priorities: Automate the task of marking emails as high-priority or important based on the generated output.
  • Multiple Configurations: Manage different configurations for varying types of emails or scenarios, each with its own set of conditions, prompts, and display preferences.

Real-world Applications

ChatGPT for Outlook can benefit a variety of industries. For instance, customer service centers can use the AI tool to prioritize and summarize customer complaints automatically. Law firms might utilize the tool to highlight specific legal terms or important clauses in emails. Media agencies could use it to extract and categorize news topics or trends from a flood of press releases. Health services extension might implement the ChatGPT for Outlook to flag and summarize critical patient updates. Educational institutions can use it to organize faculty and administrative correspondence.

Pricing & Discount

Free VersionYes
API Key NeededYes

ChatGPT for Outlook Free version



  • Requires your own ChatGPT API key, which may not be readily available to all users.
  • The AI tool doesn’t come with pre-installed prompts; users need to configure custom prompts.
  • Works only with Microsoft 365 accounts.


  • Data Privacy: Since the add-in integrates with your Microsoft 365 account and uses an API key, users might have concerns about how their data is being used or stored.
  • Usability: The necessity for a ChatGPT API key and a Microsoft 365 account could be a barrier for some potential users.
  • Compatibility: This add-in is designed for Microsoft 365 and may not be compatible with other email platforms.

Potential Future Developments

Given the current trajectory, it’s likely that ChatGPT for Outlook could see further integration with Microsoft 365 tools. Enhanced security features might be introduced to address data privacy concerns. An intuitive prompt creation wizard could be a useful addition for users unfamiliar with generating their own prompts. It would be very beneficial for users if firther integrations with additional email platforms are implemented, such as Outlook and Gmail as seen in Remail for example.

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