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Canvid: Screen Recorder


Canvid is a versatile tool for capturing and enhancing screen recordings. It enables users to create high-quality videos with ease, making it suitable for tutorials, presentations, demos, and more. The tool offers a range of features to refine and share content efficiently.

Features & Benefits

  • Capture anything: Record the entire screen, specific windows, or mobile content (coming soon). Ideal for tutorials, demos, and presentations.
  • Zoom it in!: Automatic or manual zoom to highlight key areas in recordings, perfect for games and educational videos.
  • Export your way: Save videos locally, upload to the cloud, or share with a link. Choose from MP4, GIF, and more, with quality options from standard to 4K.
  • AI Enhanced Voice: Ensure crystal-clear audio with AI voice enhancement.
  • Edit without hassle: Easy cropping, layout changes, and zooming for polished recordings.
  • Captions in a click: Automatically generate captions for improved learning and accessibility.
  • Flexibility: Shift, flip, or resize your camera view for dynamic framing.
  • Elegance: Soften edges and apply a mirrored effect for a refined touch.
  • Precision: Fine-tune camera position and size for seamless content integration.

Canvid Platforms

Windows, Mac

Canvid Tasks

  • Record entire screen, specific windows, or mobile content
  • Automatic or manual zoom
  • Export in various formats and quality levels
  • AI-enhanced voice recordings
  • Easy video editing (crop, change layout, zoom)
  • Automatic caption generation
  • Flexible camera adjustments
  • Soft edges and mirrored effects for camera

Canvid Integrations


Real-world Applications

Canvid is ideal for content creators needing to produce engaging videos with ease. Professionals can use it for creating clear and impactful presentations or demos. Individuals benefit from its simplicity, making it easy to share screen recordings with friends or colleagues. Students can record lectures or create tutorials to enhance their learning experience.

For instance, a teacher might use Canvid to record a series of educational videos, leveraging the zoom feature to focus on key areas of the screen. They can add captions for better accessibility, ensuring that all students, including those with hearing impairments, can follow along. The AI-enhanced voice feature ensures that every explanation is clear, even in a noisy environment.

Imagine a content creator using Canvid to capture gameplay footage, automatically zooming in on crucial moments, and sharing the final product in stunning 4K. This level of detail and clarity can significantly enhance the viewer’s experience, making the content stand out.

Who is Canvid for

  • Content Creators
  • Professionals
  • Individuals
  • Students

Pricing & Discount

Standard$49Single Device License, Full Feature Access, Unlimited exports, One Year of Updates, Complimentary 1-Year Cloud Access

Canvid Free Version

Not available


  • Mobile content capture feature is not yet available.
  • Limited to single device license.
  • No free version available.


  • Data Privacy: Users need to be aware of where their recordings and data are stored, especially when using cloud features.
  • Usability: Some users might find the initial setup and understanding of all features challenging.
  • Compatibility: Limited to Windows and Mac, with no mobile app yet.
  • Learning Curve: Despite being user-friendly, mastering all features may take some time for new users.

Potential Future Developments

  • Mobile App: Expanding capture capabilities to include mobile devices fully.
  • Cloud Integrations: Integrate with more cloud storage services for easier access and sharing.
  • Collaborative Features: Introduce real-time collaboration for team projects.

Capture and enhance your screen recordings effortlessly with Canvid, the AI screen recorder tool that turns your ideas into engaging videos.

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