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This section is dedicated to the fascinating journey of artificial intelligence, chronicling its origins, breakthroughs, and impact on society. Explore the milestones and moments that have shaped AI research and development, and discover how AI has evolved over time to become the revolutionary force it is today.

The Origins of Artificial Intelligence: A Comprehensive Overview
Delve into the roots of AI and its emergence as a scientific discipline.

Alan Turing and the Birth of Modern Computing
Explore the life of the pioneer who laid the groundwork for AI research.

The Dartmouth Conference: The Event that Shaped AI Research
Learn about the seminal event that kickstarted the AI revolution.

John McCarthy: The Father of Artificial Intelligence
Discover the visionary who coined the term “artificial intelligence.

The Evolution of Machine Learning: From Perceptrons to Deep Learning
Trace the development of machine learning techniques throughout history.

Marvin Minsky and the Early Days of AI: The Rise of Symbolic AI
Uncover the contributions of a key figure in AI’s formative years.

The AI Winter: What Happened and Why AI Research Stalled
Understand the factors that led to the stagnation of AI research in the 20th century.

The Resurgence of Artificial Intelligence: The Role of Big Data and Improved Hardware
Examine the forces that revived AI research and enabled its rapid progress.

Geoffrey Hinton and the Deep Learning Revolution
Learn about the pioneering work of the “Godfather of Deep Learning.”

The History of Natural Language Processing: From ELIZA to GPT
Explore the evolution of AI systems designed to understand and generate human language.

The Emergence of Computer Vision: From Simple Pattern Recognition to Advanced Image Analysis

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