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Generative AI for Everyone


Generative AI for Everyone is a comprehensive course designed to demystify generative AI, making it accessible to a broad audience. Taught by AI expert Andrew Ng, this course offers a deep dive into how generative AI functions, its capabilities, limitations, and its implications in business and society. With a mix of theoretical knowledge and practical exercises, the course is tailored for anyone eager to understand and utilize generative AI in their professional or personal lives.

WHO: Andrew Ng, AI Pioneer

  • Instructor: Andrew Ng, renowned for his work in AI and co-founder of Google Brain.
  • Audience: Business leaders, professionals, and anyone interested in AI.

WHAT: Course Coverage

  • Fundamentals of generative AI, its applications, and limitations.
  • Real-world examples and hands-on exercises with AI tools.
  • Strategies for integrating AI in business and understanding its societal impacts.
  • Advanced topics like prompt engineering and beyond.

SKILLS: What You’ll Learn

LEVEL: For Everyone

  • Suitable for: All levels, no coding or prior AI knowledge required.
  • Focus: Balances foundational knowledge with practical applications.

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