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Wowzer: Multi-Model AI Image Generation


Wowzer is an AI image generator that creates images using multiple AI models. It supports models like Stable Diffusion, Leonardo AI, and DALL-E, allowing users to generate and compare results from different sources simultaneously.

Features & Benefits

  • Multi-Model Generation: Create images across top AI models (Stable Diffusion, Leonardo AI, DALL-E) for diverse results.
  • Prompt Enhancer: Helps users craft effective prompts for better image generation.
  • Easy Image Comparison: Visually compare outputs from different models to refine creative ideas.
  • Save and Organize: Save favorite creations and organize them by project for easy access.
  • Fine-Tuning: Use personal assets to build and fine-tune AI models, maintaining a consistent style.

Wowzer Platforms

Web app

Wowzer Tasks

  • Generate images from text prompts
  • Enhance prompts for better image outputs
  • Compare images generated by different AI models
  • Save and organize generated images
  • Fine-tune models using personal assets

Wowzer Integrations


Real-world Applications

Wowzer can be used by artists looking to explore different styles quickly. Imagine a graphic designer working on a campaign. They can generate initial ideas using Wowzer, comparing outputs from various models to find the best match for their vision. This speeds up the creative process and ensures high-quality results.

For educators, Wowzer can be a tool for teaching AI and creative arts. Students can learn how different AI models interpret the same prompt, gaining insights into AI capabilities and artistic interpretation.

Photographers can use Wowzer to enhance their photos. By generating artistic renditions of their images, they can create unique pieces that stand out in their portfolio.

A creative fun idea: Pet owners could use Wowzer to generate fun, AI-created portraits of their pets, turning their furry friends into digital art icons.

Who is Wowzer for

  • Artists
  • Graphic designers
  • Educators
  • Photographers
  • Pet owners

Pricing & Discount

StudioFree20 credits/day (resets daily), Multi-model (Wowzer SDXL, Leonardo AI, Stable Diffusion 3 for a limited time), Boards, Sharing, Follow Creators, 5 GB storage
Membership$0.99/mo.Everything in Studio, 100 bonus credits on signup, 40 credits/day (resets daily), DALL•E 3 HD, Purchase more credits ($10 for 500 credits), Private images, 50 GB Storage

Wowzer Free version



  • Limited credit availability on the free plan
  • Access to certain models may be time-restricted
  • Storage limitations based on the plan


  • Data privacy: Users should consider the handling of their data and generated images.
  • Usability: While user-friendly, some may find the learning curve steep when fine-tuning models.
  • Compatibility: Primarily a web-based AI tool; limited to platforms that support web apps.
  • Cost: Although affordable, ongoing costs for additional credits could add up for heavy users.

Potential Future Developments

  • Expanded Model Support: Inclusion of more AI models for broader creative possibilities.
  • Mobile App: Developing an app for iOS and Android to increase accessibility.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Features allowing users to collaborate on projects in real-time.

Ready to create amazing AI-generated images?

Try Wowzer and explore the creative potential of multiple AI models in one place.

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