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Wope: SEO Analytics

Wope SEO analytics and rank tracking


Wope is a comprehensive SEO tool, providing users with detailed insights and analytics to enhance search traffic. The platform offers an array of features aimed at identifying effective strategies and pinpointing underperforming areas through an SEO consultant-like analysis of massive data sets. Wope is accessible as a web application and promises speed and intelligent functionality to its users, enabling them to set up within seconds and offering a suite of smart tools to stay ahead in SEO.

Features & Benefits

  • Smart Competitor Finder: Choose competitors to track and analyze directly relevant to your niche.
  • Benefit: Focuses on direct competition, avoiding the distraction of irrelevant major brands.
  • Fast Setup: Complete setup in 60 seconds, streamlining the process of rank tracking.
  • Benefit: Saves time and reduces the effort required to start using the tool.
  • Customizable Keyword Selection: Advanced users can fully customize the keyword selection engine.
  • Benefit: Offers flexibility and control over SEO strategies.
  • Smart Indicators & Detectors: Includes seasonality trends, mobile issue detection, best rank spotting, and cannibalization identification.
  • Benefit: Helps to identify and solve SEO problems efficiently.
  • AI-Driven Market Intelligence: SERP feature-based CTR calculation for superior market insights.
  • Benefit: Provides an edge by calculating the potential click-through rates more accurately.
  • Spreadsheet-Like Interface: Custom report generation without the need for data exporting.
  • Benefit: Enhances productivity by managing reports directly within Wope.

Real-world Applications

Wope’s features cater to a broad range of industries, including digital marketing agencies, e-commerce businesses, and content creators. It assists in optimizing SEO strategies, enhancing online visibility, and driving organic traffic. Its data analysis capabilities are particularly useful for businesses seeking to understand their search traffic and improve their search engine rankings. Moreover, Wope’s intelligent tools can be beneficial for technical SEO professionals looking to streamline their workflow and leverage AI-driven insights for decision-making.

Pricing & Discount

PlanKeywordsProjectsUsersHistorical DataPrice/MonthSupport TypeReport CountAdditional Features
Starter2001Unlimited6 Months$67Email500AI integrations, Keyword Grouping
Growth10005Up to 312 Months$177Email1000Collaboration, Migration
Elite30007Up to 524 Months$387Email + Live2500Collaboration, Migration
Enterprise1000010Up to 7Unlimited$897Email + Live5000AI Content Brief Generator, API

Discounts (20%) are available for annual subscriptions and for startups qualifying for Wope’s support programs.


  • Limited customization for non-advanced users.
  • Keyword tracking limitations within the lower-tier plans may restrict small businesses with diverse needs.


Users may have concerns about data privacy given the AI-driven nature of the platform. The usability for those unfamiliar with SEO jargon and advanced settings could be daunting. Compatibility with existing workflows and other SEO tools also poses a consideration for potential users.

Potential Future Developments

Possible enhancements could include more intuitive interfaces for beginners, expanded keyword limits for entry-level plans, and advanced predictive analytics to foresee SEO trends. Integration with more third-party platforms and improvement in mobile optimization features may also be on the horizon, reflecting user feedback and technological advancements.

How to Use Wope

Using Wope begins with setting up an account, selecting competitors, and initiating a campaign. Users can customize their keyword strategies with genius mode, track and analyze SEO performance using visual indicators, and generate reports with a spreadsheet-like experience.

Best Practices for Wope

  • Regularly update competitor information to maintain relevancy.
  • Utilize the smart indicators to adjust SEO tactics promptly.
  • Engage with the smart competitor finder to refine focus on the most relevant competitors.

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