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Voice Stars: Transform Your Voice into Famous Artist Covers with AI

Voice Stars is an innovative platform that lets users transform their voice to mimic that of popular artists like Drake, Rihanna, Ariana Grande, and many others using artificial intelligence. This unique tool opens up a world of musical creativity, allowing for the creation of AI covers of beloved songs or entirely new tracks using artist-licensed voice models. Whether you’re an artist, producer, or just a music enthusiast, Voice Stars offers an accessible way to experiment with music production.

Features & Benefits

  • Artist-Licensed Voice Models: Choose from a wide range of AI voices licensed by artists for authentic sound.
  • Commercial License: Option to purchase a commercial license for publishing songs on streaming platforms (coming soon).
  • Simple Creation Process: Easily create AI covers by selecting an AI voice, uploading your track, and converting.
  • Accessibility: Open to everyone, not just artists or producers, enhancing enjoyment through AI remixes of existing songs.
  • Wide Selection of Voices: Offers a diverse library of voices from different genres and regions, including American rappers, singers, and public figures.


  • Web App (No specific mention of other platforms)


  • Transform personal vocals into the voice of famous artists
  • Generate AI covers of existing songs
  • Create AI remixes with necessary rights or permissions
  • Access artist-licensed voice models for authentic sound reproduction


  • n/a

Real-world Applications

Voice Stars is versatile, catering to a broad audience within the music industry and beyond. Music producers can quickly prototype song ideas using famous voices without needing the actual artist present. Independent artists can experiment with their music in different voices, exploring new styles or genres. Content creators, including YouTubers and podcasters, can incorporate unique musical elements into their work, enhancing their content’s appeal. Educational institutions focusing on music and technology can use Voice Stars as a practical tool for teaching AI’s role in creative industries. Additionally, karaoke enthusiasts and fans can enjoy recreating songs by their favorite artists in a fun, personalized way.

Who is Voice Stars for

  • Music Producers
  • Independent Artists
  • Content Creators
  • Educational Institutions
  • Karaoke Enthusiasts and Fans

Pricing & Discount

Basic$8.9925All basic modelsHigh-quality voice conversion
Premium$19.99100Access to all modelsFaster speed, early feature access
Expert$79.99250Create your own modelAll previous + 24/7 support

Voice Stars Free version – Not available


The platform’s reliance on credits for conversions could limit extensive use without additional purchases. The upcoming feature of creating your own model is not yet available, potentially delaying full customization for users. Also, the need for rights or permissions to create AI remixes might restrict the use of certain original songs for some users.


Data privacy and copyright issues might be concerns for users, particularly regarding how their uploaded tracks and created voice models are used or stored. Users may also worry about the authenticity of AI-generated covers and whether they can truly replicate the emotional depth and unique characteristics of the original artist’s voice.

Potential Future Developments

Future enhancements could include expanding the library of artist-licensed voice models to cover more genres and languages, improving AI algorithms for more accurate voice mimicry, and introducing more flexible pricing models to accommodate varying user needs. Additional features like direct integration with music streaming platforms for easier publishing and collaboration tools for working with other artists and producers could greatly enhance the platform’s utility.

Dive into the new era of music creation with Voice Stars and discover the endless possibilities of transforming your voice into that of your favorite artists.

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