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Vizcom: An Overview of AI-Powered Design Features

Vizcom is an AI-driven online design platform that offers an extensive range of features to help designers unleash their creativity. Equipped with various tools such as 3D paint, drawing utilities, and live render capabilities, Vizcom facilitates the transformation of line drawings into vivid creations, complete with textual descriptions.

Live Render and 3D Paint Capabilities

One of Vizcom’s standout features is its live render functionality, which enables designers to visualize their creations almost instantly, significantly reducing time and effort. Furthermore, the platform’s 3D paint feature allows for the conversion of 2D drawings into three-dimensional models.

The platform’s suite of drawing tools is user-friendly and intuitive, providing all the necessary resources to create captivating designs.

Multi-Device Accessibility

Vizcom offers accessibility across various devices, including laptops and iPads, catering to users who prefer to work while on the move. For those who prefer working on desktop computers, the platform offers a browser-based version. Additionally, Vizcom provides a desktop client app for both Windows and MacOS (Intel) systems.

Security and Collaboration Features

Vizcom places a strong emphasis on security, offering enterprise-grade security compliance to protect users’ data. The platform also allows for the organization of files within folders and projects, making it easy to collaborate by sharing projects and assets with team members. Users can export their compositions in high-resolution JPG and PNG formats.


Vizcom is an innovative design platform that effectively harnesses AI technology to help designers bring their ideas to life efficiently. Its wide range of features, user-friendly interface, and multi-device accessibility have contributed to transforming the design landscape. Vizcom offers designers the tools needed to unlock their creativity and elevate their projects to new levels.

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